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My girlfriend reassured me this morning that TRP works

March 8, 2015

Last night my girlfriend was painting a piece of furniture. She asked me how I felt about it, whether it was a good direction. I told her "it's great" falling short on any enthusiasm while I smiled knowing she knew I didn't give a fuck. She says "You never care about this stuff!" I look her straight in the eye and say "Yes, because I'm not a faggot. Do you want to date a faggot?" She laughed and said "very true!" and jumped on my lap to make out with me.

Yesterday she asked me to get her cupcakes she loved while I was in the city. I basically told her "Nope, out of the way."

This morning she hinted to me I should go get her a coffee. She said on a scale from 1 to 10 how bad do you want to. I said .5. She then got a wide shit-eating grin on her face and said,

"I love that you don't take shit from me. That you just say no. No...I really like that."

Before TRP I would've summoned up some fake enthusiasm about the furniture, went out of my way to find/buy her cupcakes. Then put on clothes and went to fetch her a coffee "to be a nice boyfriend." I would've been doing what I thought was right. But really I be cutting up my own time while losing her one favor at a time.

Thanks TRP.

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3 to one rule though. You should show some affection just not too much.

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your just a shitty boyfriend and your girlfriend probably feels like she doesnt deserve better. Dont worry shes gonna cheat on you.

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