Before I found out about TRP, I remember laying in my bed and thinking "is this it? I'm extremely unhappy with my life and I'm basically waiting to die of old age and I'm 33! This shit isn't fixing itself apparently, so I need to find out what I need to do!"

At that time I was completely lost in my life. I had exited from 5 years LTR about 2 years ago and had no goals or dreams where to go with my life. I bought my first appartment which ties me up for current location. I had a stable albeit bit boring job and had started lifting shortly after breakup with LTR. I wanted to get stronger. Stronglifts 5x5 worked nicely, but unfortunately I didn't care to put effort to fix my diet.

My game was non-existent and my friends had adviced me to start using Tinder. Tinder experience was horrible, but at the same time it was eye-opening. My SMV was all-time low due to weight gained at the end of the LTR. I ended up banging some random obese chick through Tinder and hating myself shortly after.

I had been bit successful in banging chicks during the college years, but I never quite realized how attraction really worked. I could not cold approach sober even if my life depended on it. During college I had a summer job that gave me easy access to 18-20 year olds to game and ended up hooking up usually with one for the summer. Hooking up with co-workers/customers was actually really easy for me, it was pretty natural to start conversation and have little bit of flirting in the mix.

I had been enjoying competition in sports when I was younger and had the competitive drive in things I found myself passionate at. I had learned pretty early on that there's always someone better than you and mistakes happen a lot, just try to do your best at learning from them. I knew I could do anything I wanted, it all just took commitment of energy, discipline and sacrifice. The higher you want to go, the more you need to sacrifice and exercise discipline. With sacrifice I mean mostly time, time that is out from something else. You TRP folks know already about the importance of time.

I had lost my ways after graduating from school and started working full-time and compromising my life choices due to being bluepilled in LTR and idiot. Getting overweight, losing self-respect and I was not disciplined at all. Reason for my extreme unhappiness was not having any self-respect. I was also not giving myself credit where credit was due. I didn't have patience for myself although I am extremely patient and stoic since I was born. I almost never lose my temper. I was actually unhappy in the last year or two in the LTR due to not having goals and hating myself in mirror. I just ate those lies "you are fine as you are". Also I didn't know where to find proper information what to do.


After digesting TRP sidebar information, it all made sense. All those subtle hints, non-verbals and intergender dynamics. The natural attraction potential I once had which I could not explain or understand. I had rebelled against my gut feeling so many times, due to social programming. My life just got a meaning again.

I decided to fix my shit and become THE shit. Unleash my potential and see how far I can go. I had seen and enjoyed lifting progress through Stronglifts but suffered minor knee, shoulder and elbow injuries which hindered my progress. I wanted to try something else and switched my lifting routine to reverse pyramid program from Leangains. I also started counting my calories and set my goal to lose weight to 75 kg by the end of the year. I was 90 kg at the time. I bought a proper scale that measures BF% just for fun progress tracking even if it's not even remotely accurate.

I spent these months reading about body language, game, PUA tricks, etc. on my spare time when I'm not at work or at the gym lifting. Currently reading Rollo's and Roosh's books. I recommend them, but for new unplugged I'd advice either read the books or their blogs. Maybe books first and blogs for additional information on selected topics. Information overlap is quite big so constant repetition can get boring at times.


Weighted 79 kg this morning, well in range of weight loss progress curve. Reached intermediate lifting goals for deadlift and squat (bench press is lagging a bit) after two years of lifting. I love taking off shirt in front of a mirror nowadays. My friends and family have congratulated me for transformation. Learning more about game every day. Did my first cold approaches daytime about a month ago and that was eye opening experience.

Last week I went out clubbing on Friday and Saturday. Both night I was opened by smoking hot blonds (HB8-9) at bar counter with intense eye contact when I was going to get my first drink. Due to beginner level game, I botched both situations but I didn't care too much. It feels impossible that formerly completely INVISIBLE person (me) is getting attention from the most gorgeous babes without me doing anything other than keeping my body language open and being dominant with EC. Competition is terrible here I suppose, heh.

While I still have a lot of work to do in all areas of my life, I'm genuinely happy for the first time in my life. I know what to do now. Next year I'm going to pack on more muscle and try to go for 15%ish BF.

I went out last night to practice approaching and going clubbing tonight. On Thursday. I'm already looking forward to it.

Thank you brothers for helping me to save my life!