Now we're getting somewhere

May 18, 2014

Thanks to changes in behavior since finding trp, I now can have sex any day of the week, with one of four different women. All of which actively pursue me. Given, all are around 30 (my age) (the wall) (beta seeking time) but still- never during my life have I ever had such success. It's helping my confidence to see positive responses when using, say, more assertive/commanding language. And I'm now lifting every other day, dressing better, etc. Small victories and improvements keep adding up and I feel confident that after several years, all the experiences will build me into a better, different person altogether.

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Title Now we're getting somewhere
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Date May 18, 2014 2:40 AM UTC (6 years ago)
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Well I'm waiting for a detailed success story then so I can learn :-)

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Good for you man. Just remember not to settle. Keep improving your market value. And be careful because they can be ruthless at that age.

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