Seriously, this girl is a 10 (drop dead gorgeous). Made so many sexual innuendos it was crazy. 23 years old. I'm old as fuck. I never did weightlifting because I didn't think I needed it frankly. I was skinny and normal. I was doing seduction with good results but nothing like this at such a carnal level with such a beautiful, feminine, women.

I spoke with my friends and they are all telling me weightlifting is not worth it (too hard to maintain) and that I should be doing cardio and calorie counting to be slim and fit. Other bullshit like the way to a women's pants is through her brain and that I need to work on charisma (in a bluepill way). All I did was lift- it was the missing ingredient.

TRP just distills everything and throws away the nonsense. Having strong muscles is an absolute necessity and you can get amazing results early on.