Been married for 3 years. 2 years worth of it I was heavily involved with "beta" behavior. Arguments back and forth, consonantly failing shit tests. Sex was being withheld. I was constantly amazed on how it got to this point over 2 years. Add to the fact that I have 2 children with her.

About a year ago I stumbled upon "Goodlooking looser". After exploring the rabbit hole even further I eventually came upon this Reddit channel. The arguments and threats of her leaving with the kids triggered something in me I suppose. I made a decision to stop acting like a pussy (I had nothing to loose at this point).

First thing I did was lift weights with a vengeance. 3 times a week plus cardio. My position as a QA tester wasn't enough for me, so I decided to also spend 2-3 hours every night teaching myself to code. I made an agenda of my own, I decided that any beta behavior from that point forward was unacceptable.

After a few months her attitude started changing. I directed the family and became a leader. My wife and family was an extension of ME and followed the course that I would map out. Example of this change:

Her: Lets go out this weekend. Me: Nope, I have to study, but I can make plans for the weekend afterwards. Her: We should head over to the theme park. Me: I don't like that Idea, we are going to have some family fun and have a picnic at the park and then maybe head over to the mall afterwards. Her: oh ok. (her smiling)

Before I would have responded with: ummm this weekend is going to be kinda hard but i guess I can manage it. What do you want to do?

Her: why does it seem like you dont care about your family yadda yadda yadda?

It seems that making your own plan and talking as if there is no other option in a super confident manner has a much better reaction than not knowing what do do.

Her shit tests became easy to deflect, no longer was i sensitive to any playful insults. I would tell stories of women trying to flirt with me at the supermarket, her friends would compliment me on my "nice body" (I used to be a tad bit overweight.)

Tests would take the form of "stories from her friends" Her: So sad, my friends boyfriend was a good husband and she cheated on the guy, he was kicked out of the house and has to pay child support. Babe? what do you think about that?

Me: haha. If I was him, and she cheated on me then I would be thrilled.

Her: huh? what? why?

Me: cause that means it's open relationship time.I would offer an open relationship. If she declined then it proves she is selfish and thinks extra sex outside is something only SHE can do. Screw that!

Her: what about the children?

Me: ah! Well if she decided to leave anyway then it's time to have double the amount of children!

Her: are you joking?

Me: nope. if a woman is going to have kids and then leave hoping to get child support. Then it's time to have twice as many kids so that child support is so spread out-between all of the mothers, that they are barely getting 40$ each month.

Her: ohh...never thought of that.

The subject was never brought up again. Swallowing the red pill has done amazing things. 1) She comes to ME for sex now almost every other night.

2) flirting with me constantly like we are still dating

3) "marking me" when we have sex out of nowhere since my six pack started showing. (hickeys bite marks etc).

4) Subtle flirting from her sisters and cousins

5) coming to me for permission to do things (total flip from when she used to demand)

6) Respect from her in a fashion that I've never had before.

This has kept up for an entire year every since I changed my attitude. I wanted to thank you all.