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Thanks for the Motivation

September 8, 2015

Hey guys, i just found out about TRP a week ago and been reading it up probably 2-3 hours a day, it has really helped my confidence and motivation, for the past week i hit the gym 6/7 days and changed my hairstyle and clothing, i am 5'11 and 204 lbs. i am aiming for 180 lbs. and to gain alot of muscle, i've always had this TRP mindset for dating, men and woman in general but always thought it was crazy talk. After finding out that i'm actually not alone it increased my motivation for the future immensely! Also i just turned 18 and am in my first year of community college. I am planning a 6 month plan for the gym and working on game and self mindfulness. I will make a post every month to give you guys my progress, and a list of goals as I've only slept with 2 woman in my lifetime so far and want to increase the number drastically while maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Please post tips and any good readings a beginner like me should read.

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