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Thanks for unplugging me

September 24, 2015

Summary: Another much due thanks: (Shitty formatting)

Body: I found TRP in the midst of a shitty LTR about a year ago. Thought it was interesting, but after my beloved unicorn galloped away a couple months later I came back to it looking for answers. Lots of things make sense now. I'm still in the anger phase of digestion, but definitely moving forward. I had hobbies/a habit of personal growth before this last LTR. One of my big problems over the years has been a chronic case of oneitis flare-ups, during which time I would let my vigor, joy and dreams be slowly sucked out of me until (surprise) she's gone. Rebuild. Repeat.

I can't adequately express how grateful that I am to TRP. This community and the insight it offers are giving me the drive and wisdom to continue to change and grow into the man that I want to be. It's helping me redefine what I think a real man should be. (I used to think of a man as a BP 'nice guy')

At the most you guys saved my life (yeah it got that bad), and at the very least you've changed it drastically for the better. My eyes are still hurting but I truly feel some wind in my sails now. Lots of fun work ahead.

Just wanted to say: Thank you guys so much, hopefully one day I can give something back.

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Good luck!

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