I posted this on askMRP and blupillprofessor asked me to repost here, I was not aware of this subreddit.

Reading through MRP and askMRP has been like having a giant mirror put up to my life. I became THE stereotypical nice guy in my 15 year marriage. I was doing everything wrong! I did everything I could to make my bitchy wife happy but I still only got starfish sex on her terms (and only when she felt like it). I read NMMNG and my world started changing. I found MRP and my world REALLY started changing. I realized the problem was ME all along. It's liberating to find my manhood again. Don't get me wrong, things are still rough at home and I have a long way to go, but I'm on the right track. I'm lifting, running 4 miles a day, and reading...so much reading...here in the forums and in the sidebar books. I really just want to say "thanks".