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Thanks TRP: A Story of how the Red Pill Changed my life

February 25, 2015

After a couple of months into the red pill I decided I wanted to thank the community to help me not only with game but to completely change my lifestyle.

Although it is hard and it will always require constant improvement, I think the fact that i am able to know what happens around me is priceless.

My Story:

I discovered the red pill a couple of months ago, my Ex had just broken up with me, I was having issues with my family, school sucked and I thought it was not really my fault. i was a "Nice Guy" after all. A life of Beta education is difficult to erase or question. Although I must confess at first I was Skeptic about it I decided to swallow and try, for I knew I had nothing to loose and everything to win. Now, I am a changed man.

Thanks to the red pill I know have these things in my life:

A structured workout routine and a better health: I am sleeping 7 or 7.5 hours everyday, I'm hitting the gym 4 times a week, I'm eating healthily, drinking much less and a more satisfactory and less stressful life.

Stoic Philosophy: A wonderful piece of golden Knowledge that has helped me to cope with most things that before would have posed a great challenge for me are now easily resolved. I no longer have many concerns and I see everything rationally.

A Desire to become the Best version of Myself: Before i wanted to go to college. Now I want to be a polymath, have a successful professional life and also have women, experiences and many, many goals.

Women: I am slowly seeing how this changes and how it becomes easier for me to get women to surround me. Ironically, now I am caring less and less about women and more and more about the Gym, my Goals and my Life.

A quest: Thanks to the red Pill I have found that my purpose in life is to pursue and find the best version of myself I can attain. I finally understood rational self interest and why loving yourself will make others love you too.

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Good luck Brother and well done

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inspirational man! So fucking awesome i can feel your confidence in your writing. Keep going keep pushing

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