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That bitter pill turns to sugar in your mouth

October 29, 2014

Hi trp. To be brief I just needed to contribute to this subreddit, after all, long time lurker etc. first things first, I'm on a phone so apologies for layout etc.

Anyway, I found out about trp about 12 months ago and have since started adopting a lot of trp principles. At first it was bitter, I lost friends who couldn't handle what I was becoming. A "gym junkie douche" cause being a weed smoking gamer gets you laid? Pffft!

Friends thought I was harsh on their girlfriends/friend girls. And I struggled with adopting the mindset of women aren't men and can't be conversed with logically, or reasoned with. I found it especially difficult to reason with them after I swallowed the pill and became aware of their hamstering and emotional victimised bias. I just couldn't believe their arguments weren't grounded in logic.

But now that I've come full circle, life is sweeter, the new friends I've made are more reliable, more loyal and genuine, (I'm big into loyalty, I can't stand back stabbers or liars, also fakers just grate my nerves) I'm happier then ever, being me, doing things for me, making me happy. It's better then I'd ever dreamed of.

So thank you trp, you make me Sah happeh! Good luck out there gentlemen.

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Good luck to you sir

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