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The more I live and the more I learn about human nature, the more I've learned I need to kill my feelz

February 18, 2015

It's a cruel world. Point blank. It's a dog eat dog world. People don't give a shit about you. People are more concerned with their own happiness than they are with yours. That goes for you too, so don't make yourself a white knight thinking you're better than them. We're all human. We're all slaves to human nature.

Watch who you make yourself vulnerable to. Let them and people will take advantage of you. Be careful what you let people know. Your words are all that you have.

Killing your feelz doesn't mean you have to go full dark triad. Dark triad traits are necessary at times in order for you to get what you want. Give people agency. People are in control of their own lives, don't suppress your own goals so that others can achieve theirs. Don't sacrifice your own happiness for people whose lives you have no investment in.

I say this having grown up a certified Good Guy™. I was raised by narcissistic parents. A dad who didn't really invest in my childhood and an overbearing, overtly religious mother. They always loved me and I still love them, they just didn't do a good job in raising their children. I grew up sheltered. Knowing how their parents raised them, I know it was out of ignorance. They gave me my genes and I'm lucky for that. I could be in a much more fucked up place.

Growing up, I never understood human nature and never understood shit tests for what they were. Not just from girls. I never realized it when insecure faggots were trying to AMOG me. I wanted to see good in everyone. Don't do that. The good get taken advantage of and are laughed at.

The red pill opened my eyes to the cruelty of human nature and for that, I'm forever grateful. TRP saved my life and I've never felt more in control of my destiny.

Look out for yourself first. Happy people are the best people, remember that.

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Title The more I live and the more I learn about human nature, the more I've learned I need to kill my feelz
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I'd just like to say how true this is. I am similar yet opposite in many ways - raised to be a "good guy" by well-meaning parents but intuitively learned the opposite. Except I believed I really was a "white knight" style good guy, while actively doing the opposite.

TRP has (after finally realizing I was comically missing the point of RP truths in myself) opened my eyes to what I am capable of. For me this is best expressed as: somewhere around once a month someone - most often a guy but girls fall for it too - makes the mistake of confusing my survival strategy for weakness or (worse) kindness. I know no mercy, even if you have done nothing wrong. Prove to me you are aware of my methods and I will spare you the worst. Fail to do so and you are fair game.

The truth is ugly and cruel. It's easier to base assumptions off stereotypes and first impressions. They are seldom true. Constantly adjust your view of people. Don't trust too soon. Make sure you're standing on solid ground. And expect to get burned.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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