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The red pill saved me from being a blue pill, shit test hell, and a terrible relationship.

December 28, 2016

I was in a on again off again relationship since thanksgiving. Things were moving fast and to a good place. After a great date I tried to push through LMR. It didn't work and she hamstered me for like 2 weeks.

During this time I found The Red Pill subreddit. Started hitting the gym (up 15 lbs in a month). I'm feeling and looking significantly better. I also started reading the sidebar and found that I had been living a lie for my life. Letting women control the relationship.

A new me started. I started to gain confidence with women and the rest is history. I was still in class up till last week with the girl that had been hamstering me. She started to see I had confidence, looking better than her, and generally happy. Well she tries to come back in my life.

At first I just try to plate her. Unfortunately, some blue pill tendencies resume. She ends up blowing me off for a date. I respond by complete radio silence (delete her from all social media). She ended up sending me a ridiculous amount of snaps. I text her telling her I saw them and wished her a merry christmas.

Instant responses. She tried to talk over text and I steered the conversation toward meeting up. We meet up today. Date went really well. I lead and she was in my frame the entire time.

Fast forward a few hours I get a text saying "she's emotionally unavailable right now" and "she has nothing to offer right now". Blue Pill me would have done some beta shit and said that I understood and was willing to wait.

The red pill me ended it with the emotional trainwreck that was her life. Thank you for saving me from a life of hamstering and bullshit. I am on to better women.


Red Flag list really added to realizing the emotional baggage I was getting into:

She has mostly guy friends (so many orbiters, dudes that "professed their love for her" LIKE WTF)

She has daddy/mommy issues and/or divorced parents (endless)

She is bad with money/supported by her family/shit job (buys a motorcycle in november in the North??? works two jobs)

She likes to drink. (blew me off to drink by herself)

She cheated previously on somebody else (with a girl no less)

She has major emotional stability issues.

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[–]valdirtheblue1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Cool, good work. Don't rush it. Destroying the blue pill can be an on going battle. Keep at the gym and self improvement. You identified the red flags and gave her the hard next. Good luck

[–]hamsterbator1 point2 points  (2 children) | Copy Link

15 pounds in a month you're probably getting fat bro

[–]BestSC860 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

That was my is impossible add that much healthy weight in a month. So now you have to lose that 15lbs and add it back the right way....luckily mostly water weight.

OP just know that any of those lbs you add on are only going to make losing and replacing twice as hard.

Start right from the beginning.

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