I know I'm not actually really following Red Pill Principles in this scenario, but it came about from reading TRP and it's amazing how quickly it's made an impact. I'm 16, male, followed TRP stroll a few weeks ago in theory but in practice nothing happened. I am reevaluating it now and plan to use it for real, I feel some things are starting to get internalised already as I'm not worried what she thinks as there's plenty of fish in the sea.

I've always been ridiculous socially anxious around girls and have had none of that trouble around guys so it has caused me a lot of internal anguish over the last few years.

Basically, I've been a bit of a uber-beta. Literally, the sort of beta you will never have seen before. To the extent that this girl literally told me that she would go to prom with me about 8 months ago and when I asked her on Sunday, she said she is already going with this dickhead (Not a chad thundercock, he's a complete pussy and everyone agrees, but he's a genuine dickhead. Like, not dark triad, just harsh insults for literally no reason). To emphasise how much of a dick he is:

Last year, he put in a shit cross in soccer. A guy jokingly said 'Nice across James ya dickhead!'. Jack then got all confrontational and threw a kick (Just because the guy was shorter than him, thought he stood a chance). The guy caught the kick and one shot to the face and he walked away literally crying. He then came back with teachers as he reported the incident.

Anyway, it turns out she was waiting for me and thought I wouldn't ask so she decided to go with him instead. Old me would have given up there and felt really sorry for myself. I'm currently mid conversation and my moves to be working, she has admitted she doesn't want to go with him so it should be just a matter of time.

She's no unicorn by any means. Indian, nice and thin, no tits, no ass, probably 6/10 at a strong push. She's pretty socially awkward (very) which is my main issue as she may not have the guts to reject this current date now. However, it's the first girl I've spoken to in this sort of confidence to be honest and it's a huge step, and TRP always says to cherish the big steps for motivation.