Last year at this time I was recently out of the Army, low-paying job, engaged to a girl who wanted me for a BB, getting no sex, out of shape, i.e. your typical AFC.

Stumbled upon The Rational Male one night in my depression and then read the entire blog, bought the books, found TRP, and the rest is history.


Step 1. Called off the engagement and moved out.

Step 2. Started Working Out.

Step 3. New Job

Step 4. Game

My situation now?

I'm 32 now, almost 33. I went from being a fat (24% BF), depressive (Video Game playing) AFC, making about $20,000 a year with a 32 yo former carousel-riding fiance giving me minimal effort, to being around 17% BF, making 75k (with all my debts now paid off), and regularly banging 21-25 yo hotties who beg me to defile them in every possible way.

TRP seriously saved my fucking miserable life.

Thank You TRP