Sup fuckers,

I want to say that not all of us are betas, and yet TRP helps us too. My whole life I knew most of this shit, but to be honest had never connected the dots before. Seeing it all in one place, it makes a coherent bigger picture that allowed me to see things completely in a way I had never considered before.

Ive never had a hard time getting 7s 8s and 9s, and true shit Im a 6' 3" heavy set viking with a full beard. Ive just always been pretty silver tongued, absolutely FEARLESS, and just a little bit funny. That's been enough to allow me to filter my fair share of fish from the stream.

I think I had to earn my man card early in life, and carried myself with a solid frame most of the time, and my share of chicks vibed on that. I'm not a successful player by any means, a part-time pussy slayer at best probably, but I'm not afraid to invite a hottie out of my league to come back to my place so I can tie her up with 50' of silk rope and give her a good paddling either. (youd be amazed how often that works.)

What TRP has been doing for me is connecting the dots between a lot of bullet points I think I had cued in on years ago without realizing it. Seeing it all here connects those dots into that complete picture dudes take years to figure out how to see on their own, and makes the whole concept of "manhood" easier to understand.

HOLY SHIT! I cant stop thinking about it now either. I see TRP everywhere, in everything today.

Its like the fuckin Matrix.

Anyway, Ive been married a long time, and I don't need to hunt new pussy anymore (I'm to old to invest that much energy into a new woman, or give enough fucks to invest enough energy into even fucking one) but I for sure am glad to have this much insight into the "enemies" mind, and see dudes coming up with clear guides and articles to teach our younger and beta boys how to act like men. I feel like I woke up with an awakening super powered advantage over like 50% of the worlds population now.

Keep it up TRP. You aint getting me no pussy, but you for sure make it easier to hold my frame during shit tests now that I can see them for what they are.

Thanks you, you glorious bastards.