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Wouldn't be here without TRP

June 2, 2016

21, 1st year CompSci student (not from US), former beta neckbeard.

Rough childhood, depression, etc. etc. I overcame that, then i found Art of Manliness and somehow found TRP from there. Right now i'm working on my SMV, but i needed to take 5 minutes and write this. You guys are seriously the best thing that happened to me, specially Illimitableman. I learned so much: how to dress, talk, etc. but specially i learned about verbal and non-verbal language. It's amazing how easy it becomes to spot who's a beta, who's the attention whore, who's fishing for orbiters.

In fact the other reason i'm writing this is because i just nexted a girl who started telling me about her "dark past" and it was so much made-up bullshit, but as stupid as it sounded, 3 years ago i would've believed every word, so thank you RP.

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Congrats bro

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