I’ve always been interested in pick up & the social dynamics between men & women. I’m 27, single and have battled depression all my life – the most intense phase has been the last 18 months. I’m unhappy, unfulfilled, confused and for all intents and purposes, just an average guy.

I knew of TRP before, but I properly discovered it through a thread that linked an imager album of how misogynistic TRP is. http://imgur.com/a/bGiiW

And you know...I actually agreed with a lot of what was being said. Of course the album’s purpose is to highlight how TRP compares women to children and dogs but I entertained the message over the highlighted misogynistic thoughts for just a moment. I loathe the idea that women are almost “sub species” and I whole heartedly agree that there is some sexist bullshit going in those examples.

However, as I used to study pickup, I was intrigued enough to read on. I discovered that in all my successful past experiences, treating women as you would a child isn't as sexist, demeaning and counter intuitive as one might think at first glance.

If you take out the aspects of talking down to or patronising girls, suddenly everything falls into place. I constantly flirt with my female friends with the philosophy that I like to make them feel attractive and they like that – they flirt back. It makes perfect sense that whenever I’m doing that that I’m treating them like children to an extent.

Children need to be looked after & lead. When you go into an interaction – making observations such as “I love that dress, you should wear it more often” they respond VERY positively. The idea of treating someone as you would a child is simply an exercise in how to be a leader in a relationship. Again to stress the point that talking down to or patronising is insulting and even very young people don’t like that. Even the statement of treating women like children is unacceptably condescending. But, this also now gives me tools to deal with someone throwing a tantrum.

The egalitarianism approach has not worked for the last decade of my life and I’m starting to think that equality isn’t about splitting the bill, it’s about knowing your role and playing your part.

After reading the LTR Game Series, I thought more about TRP’s philosophy on life and applied to my own. If the red pill isn’t true then why...

  • ...when Amalie turned me down for a date and told me she goes for “Alpha” males, introduced me to her new her boyfriend Sam & he threw a miniature tantrum, she talked to me all night instead?

  • ...when last night I got excited and displayed typical “beta” behaviour I got significantly less attention from Chloe.

  • ...when my girlfriend Charlotte repeatedly shut me down without words when I made advances towards her and I eventually called her out on her shitty behaviour, she changed it immediately.

  • ...when I discovered my parents marriage had been a wreck for the past 19 years there was a strong correlation with my father being a coward and my mother’s (and my) unhappiness.

  • ...when the concept of “shit testing” seems to hold true for every encounter I’ve ever had.

  • ...when saying goodbye after the cab ride home Lyndsay demanded a kiss on the cheek in front of a man she was currently seeing.

  • ...after a lovely day out in the sun, Amalie decided to hold me responsible for her sudden bad mood.

  • ...when I chose to lead and entertain 2 of my female friends at the arcade they stood there EXPECTING me to make their night more enjoyable and I enjoyed it.


I’m still reading but things have changed for me now. Now I have a roadmap.