Summary: Don't bother trying to explain concepts like The Wall and "personal responsibility" to women, especially postwall women. They don't get it. And worse yet, they get defensive and angry.

Thread here.

We bring you this breaking news story live from AskMen, otherwise known as a hub for women to come and get validation from thirsty guys. Today is no exception. A woman posted about how to land herself a nice beta provider after almost three decades of riding the cock carousel. Here are her stats:

  • 36 years old

  • divorced

  • single mother

  • is proud and open about having tons of sex with random alphas from Tinder and bars. Calls herself an "ethical slut" and wears it like a badge of honor

  • has an "alpha personality" herself (ie. is a bitch)

Even for the beta-blast that is AskMen, this was too much to handle. People started telling her to lower her standards and that she probably was not going to get a high value male, what with all of her handicaps. Of course, our feminist heroine can't accept that and lashes out at the commenters, telling them that they're probably just stupid teenagers who don't know nothing. Here are some highlights:

But my standards for casual sex are 100% physical while my standards for dating are much more well rounded.

Translation: To make my pussy wet, you need to be a tall White alpha male with 6-pack abs. But if we're going to be in a relationship, you need to have a 6-figure salary and the ability to change my baby's diapers.

If anything, I think being attractive is working against me. When I was in my 20s looking for a husband, I was a hot commodity within my small sphere. It was easy to find someone to date and then marry. As an openly kinky divorcee, it is easy to find men who want to fuck. But I believe there is a skill set that other women have that allows them to determine when a man has LTR intentions and when he is just saying all of of the right things to get in my pants - that is a skill set I do not have. I just realized as I wrote this that I was hoping something in this thread would help me start to develop those skills.

Translation: I'm so used to receiving tons of attention from males and having everything handed to me on a gold platter simply because of my vagina. I just don't know how to deal with the world now that I don't have this get-out-of-jail-free card anymore! Help!

And when someone dared mention that her humongous partner count was a turnoff...

I disagree about the obscene amount of partners. I know you are going to respond within moments with something or other that loosely equates to slut shaming. But for all the young ladies out there who embrace their sexuality or have kids - you aren't shit out of luck. Just make sure you date people who provide substantial answers to forum questions instead of spouting puritanical ideals.

Here comes the hamster. This is so rich. This woman is a complete romantic failure. Divorced, can't keep a man for more than a week. And yet she finds it in her to lash out at men providing realistic advice - telling them to go to hell and telling other women to follow her example. Because girl powah!

And she further tries to justify why all 100 men in that thread are wrong when they tell her she's undatable:

Yes i do. I think my education and career add to my quality. I think my volunteer and humanitarian work add to my quality. I think the fact that I'm well read and cultured as well as well traveled add to my quality. I also cook, sing and i am extremely athletic.

Behold solipsism. She values a man who's well-read and cultured and humanitarian and educated and blah blah blah... so therefore the opposite must also be true! Sorry, honey. The main turnon for men is whether you're feminine and whether you're thin. That's it. Nobody gives a shit about how many countries you've traveled to.

TL;DR: This is what happens when you try to explain reality to a postwall woman who's sinking fast. She will remain in denial all the way to her last breath, hoping that feminism will rescue her and provide her with a docile beta male who doesn't care about her past.