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50% is a Failing Grade.

May 10, 2016

One of the common themes that detractors use to concern troll TRP is the issue of marriage.

"Don't you want to get maaaaaaaaaaaried someday?"

"How are you going to have baaaaaaaaaaaabiez?"

"A unicorn will never settle for anything less than a ring!"

"You can't fuck sluts all your life!"

"You are shallow!"

"MY marriage is teh awesums!"

"Man up!"

To which we can only say, no, we're not, there are no unicorns, just watch us, so what, we're happy for you, and a tool is not a man. Respectively.

We hear a whole lot of things about how marriage is good for women (and therefore quality ones will insist on it!), how marriage is good for "your" kids (and you want what's best for "your" kids, right?), how marriage is good for society (man up and save it, you slacker!), how marriage is good for humanity, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Of course, what you won't hear is anything about how marriage is good for you. Not because they wouldn't love to tell you. If they had a slum dunk case, they'd deliver it. If they had so much as a talking point, they'd repeat. But they don't.

There are a lot of people out there who urgently want you to accept marriage as an inevitable stage of life, whether it's because they want you to support the female sexual imperative, or to validate their poor life choices, or to support their religious beliefs, or save society for their children, or whatever.

These people aren't bad salesmen. The reason their pitch sucks is that their product sucks. They have to sell you something that's useless to you.

So what do they do? They try to shame you into it.

  • They tell you it's the red pill on hard mode (implying "what kind of pansy plays on easy mode?").
  • They tell you all the risks and drawbacks don't materialize for someone who is "alpha enough" (implying that if you care about any of that, you're just not "alpha enough").
  • They tell you that without kids, you lose the evolution game (oh, goodness, I don't want to be loser! Wait, what's the prize, again?).

They tell you that if you don't do this, you're not good enough.

But there's something they'd like you to forget about:


And that, my friends, is the elephant in the room. We call it an elephant, because I don't have to tell you what 50% means. You already know. No one's gonna ask "50% of what?" "50% do what?" All I do is say "50%", and you know exactly what I am talking about.

50% means it's not you. 50% means it has nothing to do with you, or how "alpha you are". 50% means the system is broken.

50% is a failing grade. 50% means that somewhere, somehow, something has gone terribly wrong.

And these concern trolls would have you believe that only thing has gone wrong, and that's men not being alpha enough.

Well, Mick Jagger got divorced.

Michael Jordan got divorced.

Evander Holyfield got divorced.

"Sugar" Shane Mosley's divorce rapist got his championship belts.

How do you fancy your chances now, Mr. Red Pill Guy? How alpha do you think you are? How many more corpses do you need to see?

So, does it make sense to discuss marriage? Sure. The discussion of marriage is "red pill damage control strategy". After all, if you already screwed up, you don't just lie down and die. Some guys make it work. Some guys get lucky.

But don't let anyone concern troll you into screwing up.

If someone tells you to do something, they better tell you how it helps you. Because "what'sa matter? You skkkeeeeeerd?" stopped working on you when you hit puberty.

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