50% of 'misogynistic' Twitter abuse is committed by... Women

May 26, 2016

EDIT: Some are commenting about how the study is trash, the data is taken out of context, BBC headline is misleading, et cetera... Well, no shit, and congratulations for missing the forest for the trees. The vast majority of media coverage of anything science-based is sheer idiocy, like that "one glass of wine is the same as one hour in the gym" bullshit that went viral a few months ago. The point greater point was simply that, when given the opportunity, women are far more cruel in their treatment of other women than men will ever be. As others have put, they understand each other, and they hate each other for it.

Summary: In a broad study of Twitter abuse, researchers discover that shocker 50% of so-called 'misogynistic' abuse is committed by women.


A 2014 study from cosmetics firm Dove found that over five million negative tweets were posted about beauty and body image. Four out of five were sent by women.

4 out of 5, or 80%. By women.

What, you mean women are spiteful, jealous, and vindictive creatures who will say horrible things about each other if given the chance? Say it ain't so.

Researcher Alex Krasodomski-Jones said: "This study provides a birds-eye snapshot of what is ultimately a very personal and often traumatic experience for women.

Yes, a traumatic experience for women, created by other women.

Abuse on social networks is not new and neither is the revelation that women contribute to the problem.

Funny, I can't recall the last time a public, mainstream media outlet admitted that women contributed to, or negatively impacted, social media abuse towards other women. No, they much prefer to blame those Red Pill neckbeards.


  • More of the same: When you look at the actual data, you quickly find women are the source of much of their own pain.

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