It seems to me the 7s have way more orbiters than 9s consistently as they figure a 7 is easier.

Plate 1: 7/10

To put it short, this girl is a solid 7. She's good in bed, gets pretty nasty, has even wanted to make a sex tape with me. Overall, she has a nice face, but various other attributes that put her well in the 7 category.

I was pillow talking with her one night and she was just casually talking about how awesome her friends are and how they do stuff for her all the time. What really perked my ears up were that one of her friends was being so awesome to her, that after dropping her off at my place for a nailing, he was going to her place to fix her dishwasher for her in between.

Being a former beta myself, I know exactly what this dude is thinking. Being a reformed beta, I know exactly what this dude is going to get. Utterly used.

She must have mentioned about six or seven guys she was "friends" with who just did stuff for her and bought her things. One of them even took her to the Caribbean, all expenses paid, just cuz.

Plate 2: 9/10

I like plate 2. She's pretty damned hot, everything is in the right place. Though fully adventurous and always up for kinky stuff, there is the aire of inexperience to her. But she is utterly candid about almost everything there is to be candid about.

I first met her when I was dancing like a twit at a club. At the time, some girl was dancing around her handbag in some rubbish clothes and hair a mess. I said to this girl, "Why hasn't your friend combed her hair". Her response: "She's married. If she was single or her husband wasn't with her, guarantee she would have even been to the hairdressers today!".

I mentioned plate 1 and how she has loads of guys always doing shit. Now I'd worked this out myself already but was just thoroughly refreshed to hear her come out with it. See, plate 2 doesn't have a lot of orbiters giving her shit. She sees guys eye her up but most run off scared and make for the 7/10s.

7/10 girls are obviously not as good looking as 9/10s. They're lower value. So conversely, a man is right to think that a 7 would look for a girl within their own league. Now, we know on TRP that this isn't true. Even 5s will stomp their feet until a high SMV man comes on the scene and completely ignore anyone who isn't jacked like he-man.

But because most men think a 7 will know their own SMV, they will naturally presume that they are sexually more "available" or "easier" than a hot 9. What better place to turn up their weasel nice-guy game.

The downside is it never works. Ever. But they figure they have a higher chance.

Plate 2 churned this out like she was simply recalling the day's newspaper headline. She then recounted how she had absolutely zero beta orbiters. Aside from the standard "not me" bullshit about how she could never do that to someone else (yeah right), she just hung out with her girlfriends and that was that.

She even mentioned how she was actually tired of all the guys who really were beneath her league acting like they were hot shit and she should be lucky to be with them. Fuck knows what I did right, but I doubt I've ever seen a pair of tits like hers on anyone, ever.

Thinking back over the women I've had sufficient enough experience with to know over the last two years, this much has pretty much been consistent even if not absolute.

TL/DR Betas presume uglier girls are easier and will orbit them more readily than a HB9. The result is always the same and even supports why 6s/7s have such an absurd view of their own SMV given ready access to cock and armies of beta orbiters. 9s are less likely to have beta orbiters and are instead likely to have girlfriends.