A while ago I did a post on feminism that wasn't met with too many upvotes since it is commonly accepted that feminism is bad in this sub. However MGTOW has catastrophic potential to weed out the strong men from our society.


Your long term value as an organism is determined by the number of progeny you create that in turn successfully procreate. This is not something anybody can really contend with; your life and your contributions are dwarfed in scope to what you contribute to the future by creating strong/plentiful offspring and the continued sustaining of the human race with good genes. There are always exceptions (like scientific breakthroughs etc.) but the vast majority of what we contribute to the future is genetic.

MGTOW and career oriented feminists are among the lowest child bearing demographic and are representative of a system that is culling the strong from the genetic pool.


For anyone here who has ever read about evolutionary psychology and the implicit paradigms of human mating (which I hope is all of you), will no doubt have a respect for Charles Darwin's initial postulations regarding species and the bravery required by him to contend with the religious institutions that even to this day seek to undermine it.

Many of the alpha males who post frequently in this sub are strong proponents of MGTOW but fail to see what the advent of birth control has done to damage the success rates of the "love you and leave you" mating strategy in our society.

In days of yore, an attractive alpha male could mate with women under any given alias and abandon her to the care of a beta orbiter, retaining all the genetic benefits of having a child with none of the work. This behaviour is seemingly engrained into our species from eras well before the advent of social security numbers, cellphones, internet and most importantly birth control and paternity tests. This caused alpha males to create larger pools of offspring and make alpha characteristics advantageous in evolutionary terms. It is also advantageous for the female to retain the genes of the alpha male while getting the resources she needs from the beta, she could foster the genes of someone she felt superior and still be supported.

So how has the game changed? Specifically, birth control and paternity tests. Alpha males are dealing with women who can selectively control their fertility and choose to get all the fun of alpha males without actually creating any babies. This alone does not motivate women to stop making babies with alpha males apparently, since non-paternity rates have been widely ranging from 2% to 42% based on region and populations. Below is a lovely meta-data analysis that provides insight into just how commonly this occurs.


Enter paternity tests: a fairly recent technological breakthrough, with respect to evolutionary timelines, that has made cuckoldry a risky proposition for females.

10% non-paternity has become a scientifically accepted norm

This article highlights the 10% non-paternity statistic being thrown around in the scientific community to the point where it is perceived reality, and what this will no doubt create is a culture-wide fear induced frenzy of paternal testing for newborn babies. Nobody wants to be held responsible for someone else's progeny after all. The notion that a man is getting a paternity test is no longer a personal affront to his partner but rather something done due to common risk factors; 10% odds you should just get it tested out to make sure you don’t get roped into a lifelong commitment to a child that isn’t yours. Even after testing, some females are still given court appointed resources from their BB males because the paternity tests were not conducted soon enough and they assumed a “father like role.”

The security that beta males provide through their commitment and provision of resources, outcompetes the temporary tingles that females receive from alphas (on an evolutionary level). The risk of being caught with a non-paternal child and removing the provision a beta male provides may very well drive women to re-assess the worth of their behaviours. Additionally they can still cultivate the positive emotions and feelings that go along with mating with an alpha male without the risk of relationship fallout by using birth control methods.

In short, women could mate with alphas and make betas deal with the consequences. Now, women can still mate with alphas, but the betas can secure their genetic lineage thanks to the advent of birth control and paternity testing.

So what happens when BB men are more likely to guarantee the veracity of their progeny and females can retain sexual relations with Alpha males without procreation?

A new trend in evolutionary development that doesn’t fare well for alpha males unwilling to commit.

Alpha males can continually relish in their ability to draw multitudes of females into the bedroom, but if they subscribe to the notions of MGTOW and live a life without producing any progeny all of their efforts become a fruitless self-aggrandizing exercise in futility. It is no better than spending time playing video games or watching TV in that it bears no relevance on their biological success and is only a means to placate their own desires and chemical fixations.

If you choose the MGTOW lifestyle you are communicating that you give up, that you would rather have money and objects instead of children and a meaningful connection, making you no more biologically successful than the beta male that stays inside playing video games all day: you have no progeny and are hence the same as dead at birth.

Feminism is no different in this regard. “Strong willed women” who let themselves be tricked by the groupthink of feminism and dedicate their young adult lives to a career are far less likely to have the same number of, or quality of children that a woman of traditional values will have.


The irony of the article’s title seems to be over the heads of most: In biology, an organism that does not procreate, is not successful.

What this means is that women who are more likely to exhibit what we might perceive as positive traits like intelligence or perseverance and self-sufficiency are actually culled from the genetic pool.

This has also caused a massive rebounding on the feminist movement as it is being shown time and again that women are getting less and less happy with time and ignoring the biological imperative to have children makes women miserable and full of regret.

Career oriented woman laments her choice of work over having a family

Lessons Learned:

MGTOW is giving up. You don’t like the rules so you quit the game. You are all entitled to make your own choices but as a biologist I think it’s a stupid one. An alpha male that spends all this time learning how to attract women and retain them and then not put it to use to retain a high quality woman and procreate is wasting his talents and his time spent with women, becoming a biological martyr.

My hope is that alpha males will learn to find ways to pro-create while circumventing the marriage-rape culture that permeates our planet and strong willed women can find ways to cultivate their intellect and independence without having to sacrifice their fruitful child bearing years.

As for feminism we might just see the movement die down in years to come when women wise up to their own biological imperatives and realise that having kids and providing care is hardwired into a vast majority of women’s happiness.

If not the problem will solve itself over the next few generations as women that are inclined to empowerment will die off and have no progeny to mimic their behaviour.

*Edit: it would appear that the selfish indifference of the MGTOW community cannot be appealed to. Humanity will go on without you. The alphas that intrinsically understand that it's adapt or die, will outcompete you and humanity will be better for it. Understand that advocating for MGTOW is advocating Darwinistic suicide.

**Edit2: I'm renounced to argue with people anymore now that my comments are being blanket downvoted by people who develop a grudge over solid argumentation, simply because it disagrees with what you -want- to believe. The split in upvotes and downvotes is rather staggering. Half of you seem to think this is a discussion worthy of merit and the rest have their personal beliefs so offended that you downvote as a defensive mechanism. Enjoy your echo-chamber TRP.

***Edit3: I'm well slept and back to the comments. Downvotes won't keep me down. Embracing a bit of outcome independance. The fact that this is so contentious at 50% upvotes after so long is actually sparking my interest. Come talk. Bring solid arguments fellas. I'm bringing my a-game for you!