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A Cruel Game

July 14, 2015

“She was everything to me. It didn’t matter how badly she treated me, I loved her and that’s all that mattered. When she left me my world shattered”

Let me know when you’re done laughing. From the vantage point of the RP mountain it’s easy to see how foolish such thoughts are. And yet, we can find daily examples in our personal lives and on the internet of clueless chumps that give their everything to women. Their very lives given to cruel mistresses, for nothing other than to make her “happy”. And no amount of punishment can turn them off the path, the good little slaves that they are. You’d be inclined to think humiliation fetishes were more rampant than they let off.

Why do they do it? What makes a man – bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than women – give up everything to please a single woman? Our caveman ancestors fucked everything in sight, and all was good in the world. Stick your dick in more holes and the more your DNA spread itself so that it could find its way into other holes. Mother Nature loves simplicity sometimes.

So why then, given that the best procreative strategy is to fuck as many women as possible, do men succumb to oneitis? Why drop that instinct given to us by our dear Mother to reduce our available holes to only 1-3 (a few more if you’re creative)?

Simple. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.

Oneitis is a biologically entrenched quality in men. Our optimal mating strategy isn’t to just fuck everything in sight. You see, your DNA has to develop into an entity that can pass on its own DNA, meaning your kids have to not die in infancy. The most dangerous years of life are the first few. Getting a child past the age of 5 meant that the odds of him growing to procreative age went up exponentially. So our Dear Mother selected for traits that made men temporarily blind to their seed-spreading ways. We get heavy spikes in oxytocin and vasopressin when we ejaculate. These are the love chemicals. Fucking is literally loving. We are programmed to lose everything that makes us powerful, in order to make sure our little swimmers grow just old enough to start throwing tantrums.

So what does that mean? Thankfully, biology isn’t a vice. You can be programmed to be one way, but thanks to that other fantastic evolutionary development, the prefrontal cortex, you can override your behaviour with sufficient knowledge. You are programmed to develop oneitis. Knowing this, you should treat all feelings of such with instant scorn. The same way that you know how much your stomach is telling you to polish off that fudge sundae, your higher order thinking is telling you how much you’d hate yourself for losing your ab definition.

Beware oneitis. It can happen to any of you, because we all have the same biology. Recognize the starting signs of it and act accordingly. It’s not your friend. Clamp down on those feelings, as they betray your greater happiness.
Women may have lots of holes to fuck, but we have only the one large one in our heads.

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