Summary: After sharing my story of how life got better for me after college on my thread "keep on raising that SMV, the party don't stop", I received a lot of PMs and had some doubters. People believe that you literally can't have an amazing social life after college, I am here to say they're wrong and tell you guys how it can be done.

The post:

So you have a degree in your hand and the college journey is over, your friends are all over the world while you are for the most part in a whole new environment again. You read all these nonsense about how college is your last time to enjoy yourself and get a social life with cool friends and hot girl, it kills you on the inside that you never made the most of those years. Now you're a graduate who wants to know how to build a social life after college, let us begin!

  • Location is everything, move to a place where things are "happening, there is no exception to this rule.

Move to a big city or at least a city where post grads are moving to, there are no exceptions to this rule. Imagine the ideal college social life, it likely takes place at a big state university with tens of thousands of students. Now imagine the exact opposite of that college social life, a college where social life is awful, it takes place at a community college or some small university where students are very cliquish. Same rules apply to the real world, the ideal social life and fun is going to happy in big cities or at least cities with a lot of people in their 20s in them. If you move to a small town, move back home, or move to Podunk then your social life will suffer no questions asked.

  • Money matters a lot, social life after college is expensive, it's expensive in college too!

Remember when you were in a fraternity and had to pay dues? Remember paying to go to athletic events and paying for those spring breaks? Well, social life is expensive, it takes money. If you don't have money, your social life will suck. So what do you do? Find a way to make enough money so you can afford the social life. Work on having a steady flow of income so you can enjoy things like drinking, going on vacation, and occasionally going to a nice party every now and then.

  • Look your best!

Don't get fat, lift, and obey the sidebar for staying in good shape and dressing your best. Looks matter a lot more after college.

So you need to be in a big city or a place where things are happening, look good, and you need some money, but those are just the bare minimum, now we take it to the next step.

  1. Explore venues, see some you like, and become somewhat of a regular there.

Check out the many bars in your new city and see which ones you like. After checking out enough of them, start going to the ones you like more often. Do this in a span of a few months and make sure that the bartenders and workers there know you. Don't be one of those losers that flirts with the waitresses or female bar tenders, just go there and have a good time. Once you start to go to a few bars enough, you can become friends with the bartenders, bouncers, and others you see you around. Bartenders and bouncers are the ones that get a lot of girls for ONS in the real world and they make for some alpha friends.

  1. Physical activities/sports.

Get involved in intramurals, they will keep you in shape and they are competitive. A lot of them also attract other younger guys who are looking to max out their SMV and might have similar interests as you in terms of meeting women. Plenty of them are going to attract guys who already have it figured out and have social circles loaded with hot girls, if they see value in you, you have a chance to expand that social circle.

  1. Only bother with "hobbies" if you legitimately like them, for the most part they are a waste of time and attract the undesirable crowds (older people, married couples, feminists, etc.).

If you like photography, get involved with it, or else don't bother. If you get into a hobby with intentions of meeting women and getting laid, you will be outed as a poser and it will be embarrassing, I've seen it happen. Do note that a lot of these hobbies attract older people, married couples, high school kids, and just crowds not favorable to you and your goal of building a great social circle. If you like the hobby, consider the group or else don't even bother.

  1. is awful.

Yes, it fucking sucks, don't bother with it. attracts LGBT types, SJW groups, older people (40s and on), and a lot of married couples. Not a good place to build a social life, do not know why people recommend that god awful site.

  1. Move to trendier apartment areas where parties happen.

You know the nice apartments that richer college grads might move to? The type loaded with the younger crowd and not families or anything? You want to be in those kinds of places. People in their 20s know how to party, the 30 yr olds for the most part are looking to settle down and have their biological clock ticking. Do not bother with areas that have older people in them, move to where a lot of the post grads are.

  1. Travel but do it with groups.

If you see an opportunity to travel with a group of younger people (20s and early 30s at oldest), do it! Traveling opportunities usually attract a lot of higher SMV men and even the better looking women. Take these opportunities when you can.

  1. The world is a big place, BE CREATIVE.

Some of the stuff on here that I have not mentioned is likely being done by others. Right now, there are guys in their 20s and even 30s who have cool friends, party a lot, and have sex with attractive women. The thing is, they are likely not posting on here because they are living life to the fullest. Some of the stuff I have recommended can help you guys but there are a lot of opportunities to build that social network, it can actually be much better than it was in college.

I will love to share more tips but I might do that on another thread, for now, I would love for you guys to add to this.

Lessons learned:

You can have an awesome social life after college.