A quick story about my uncle and why being successful doesn’t mean anything if you don’t hold frame

July 6, 2018

Quick story that demonstrates how a man who made a 7 figure salary, and was VP of a telecom company lost his wife, kids and eventually his life. Take heed gentlemen

My uncle had it all. The 1.5 million dollar house. The trophy wife, the 2 sons. The Mercedes, the BMW. The high powered executive job.

From the looks of it, he was the Man most men dream of being. The man who seemingly had it all. The one thing my uncle didn’t have, was the redpill, and that was his downfall. You see, he didn’t hold his frame. Sure he was a Vice President. Sure he made 7 figures, and drove luxury cars. But there was a drawback to this success.

To get where he was at, he worked long hrs. 12, 13, 14 hr days. Weekends too. He probably worked about 80-90 hrs a week, and bc of that, he was rarely home, and when he was he wasn’t exactly present.

See my uncles way of dealing with things was to throw money at it. Unhappy wife? But her a new car to shut her up. Kids acting up? Buy them a PlayStation so they keep quiet. As long as he didn’t have to engage and “fix it” he felt things were ok.

Of course this arrangement worked out.....for awhile. Then my aunts hypergamy finally took over. My uncles money could only keep it bottled down for so long.

She figured she had the perfect betabux situation, now she could go have some fun.

My aunt shacked up with a couple more “alpha” men, getting gifts, presents and eventually 2 kids from these other men

The whole time, my uncle knew nothing, and kept placating her with jewelry, a new car, a new house, or a fun vacation anytime she started getting bitchy

This went on for 20 of their 30yr marriage.

Finally my uncle decides he wants to retire, and is getting his affairs in order. He tells my aunt that he’s ready to retire and they can do all the stuff they’ve been talking about now for yrs. My aunt by this time is older emotionally checked out, plus she’s hit the wall and basically confesses to having a 20yr affair. She also confessed that my two cousins weren’t my uncles biological sons, and since they were both grown adults, he basically paid for private school, college, new cars etc for two kids that weren’t his.

My aunt divorced raped him, took half of what he had, as he had no prenup, and told his sons they weren’t his.

She played on the resentment the boys had about never seeing their father when growing up. The resentment he was too busy to go to sporting events. The resentment of being raised by video games and television.

After this huge revelation my uncle become a depressed shell of a man, moved into a small condo and eventually committed suicide.

All that was bc he simply neglected his family/priorities and didn’t hold any frame when it came to them

So take this as a lesson, that always strive to be successful but hold frame, at all times. Bc being successful in one area of your life, and neglecting the others could end up costing you

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