A refresher: it's not just about getting some

September 30, 2014

We all know that the vast majority of the content here is geared toward increasing sexual success with women. It's not immediately clear why this objective is so controversial in popular culture; why is self-improvement and an increase in social status, or just getting girls to like you, such a repulsive idea to so many? After pondering this SJW response, I think I finally understand why there's such a strong reaction to it, and I thought I'd share this conclusion with anyone interested. Apologies if I'm accidentally paraphrasing what someone else has already written - please help me out with citations.

The core of everything we discuss here is not just increasing the quantity and quality of sex in our lives; even that is a means to an end. The goal here is to grow out of the juvenile idea that succeeding in life is connected to a particular girl agreeing to have sex with you. No matter how any guy (or girl) chooses to proceed after taking the red pill, the first step is always an epiphany: most of the misery and conflict between men and women arises out of the mistaken notion of a man that he needs to have sex in order to be happy. The bottom of the rabbit hole is that men of the red pill do what they do, not because they have to, but because they want to, and they enjoy it.

This is a threat because it utterly annihilates something that radicals have been trying to institute for a generation. There's a prevalent idea in mainstream culture that, because a woman holds the keys to intercourse, that she should leverage it to get things that she wants. This used to be tied to [real, lifelong] marriage and help raising children, but it has become irretrievably corrupted in the modern demise of the marital institution. From this fact stems the suffering of every rejected young man; while previous generations did what we now consider to be blue-pill stuff to improve their husband qualities, young men today are no longer sought for being husband material. Many, if not all, of us know this disappointment and despair firsthand.

The proper response to this corrupted world of rampant promiscuity is to rise above it and see it for what it is. In essence, this creates a second dimension to the red/blue choice. The first step is to choose between remaining plugged in, trying to be a husband for an increasingly endangered species of woman; or to unplug and to take a good, hard look at the degenerate state of things. The next step is to choose somewhere between ascetic chastity and pick-up artistry as a response; to each his own, and no judgments here.

The point I'm trying to get at is that we should never forget why we're here. When we chose to admit to ourselves that things have changed and that we need to adapt, that was the moment that continues to define this community. It's not complaining about women, or sharing stories of conquest, or laying out plans for social policy, though all of those deserve a proper place. What unites us is that realization that the happy, married life of Disney fantasy that we knew from childhood is a total illusion.

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