A Simple Path To Success For Those Starting Out

July 17, 2018

A Simple Path To Success For Those Starting Out

Step 1

Life Sucks

Fat fuck

Bad nutrition


Video games/internet addiction


Step 2

Set goals for:

Weight loss



Reading Books

Stop watching porn unless a woman is watching it with you while having sex



Step 3


Eating below caloric need to lose weight. Estimate you bodies caloric need with online calculators.

Whole Foods and why they are preferable to processed foods and the dangers of fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, vegetarian, and whole foods diets with the sugar and HFCS removed.

5x5 strong lifts, Starting Strength, Madcow, and any other beginner linear progression programs concentrating on the main lifts and increasing strength and Central Nervous System adaptation. High Intensity Interval Training for conditioning and testosterone increase( Sprints, hill sprints). Research steady state cardio vs HIIT training and the pros and Cons. Stronglifts has an app, he does not deserve credit for the workout, he ripped it off from others and just built a nice website and app. It works, very well.

Start scheduling all activities for the week on Sunday and creating realistic goals that can be achieved. Learn how those more successful than you plan their time. Tim Ferris book Tools of Titans is great for understanding peoples behaviors who are highly successful in their fields.

Start talking to everyone. I mean everyone. No more awkward silence in checkout lines or gas stations. Everywhere you go is an opportunity. Everyone you meet is practice for your ultimate goal, and that is gaming women with the intent to sleep with them.

Step 4


Eat 300-500 calories below bodies caloric need.

Eat a whole food, vegetable based diet that promotes healthy fats and proteins (meat is not bad, neither are healthy fats). No sugar in any of its forms. Sugar is poison and should be treated as such.

Start strong lifts 5x5, download app and stay consistent. Go to the gym or buy a squat rack/Power rack and Olympic Weight Set. Watch Dr. Layne Norton’s videos on proper form for Squat, Deadlift, and Bench. Consider buying weight belt and knee sleeves (forget the wraps to assist with grip, you want your grip to strengthen.)

Start planning meals for the week on Sunday, and make sure you allocate enough time for Lifting Monday, Wednesday, Friday (workouts can take 1.5 hrs+). Do not skip workouts. Do sprints/HIIT at least 3 times a week( Maximum effort is required for HIIT. Don’t be a pussy, PUSH YOURSELF).

Start talking to people in the gym. Trust me dedicate yourself to the iron, it always pays its debts. People will start commenting on your improvements, use this as an invitation to start a conversation. Talk to everyone about anything ( you are sharpening your verbal and mental ability to converse with others in multiple different scenarios.) Things will get less awkward with time. The more attractive you get the more receptive people will be to you. The more well read you are the more people will listen to you and more opportunities to have your voice heard will present themselves.

Read the sidebar, there is a ton of useful information.

TLDR; Invest in yourself, in all facets of your life and you will prosper more than you could ever imagine.

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