TL;DR Attractive male is thought to be gay because he doesn't objectify women in a night club. Traditional male shaming and advice from popular media only applies to low SMV males.

This is just reaffirming RP knowledge, but I remember an incident a few years ago (I was maybe 21 years old) that forever changed my view on women.


I was always VERY VERY blue pill. But to put things into context, I'm also 6'3, a professional athlete and maybe 9/10 in looks, so women would occasionally take me to bed (I never took the initiative). It actually wasn't until I started reading TRP a few weeks ago that I went and initiated my first ever kiss (they always just got sick of waiting and went in for the kiss themselves).

So back to the story. I was at a night club with lots of friends. As usual, I was being very careful not to let any girls see that I was checking them out, and just waiting for a girl to come up to me and start conversation (sadly, this worked some of the time, it was my go to method for meeting girls).

So a girl walks up to me and says "are you gay?". I was rather shocked at her assumption, so from a completely scientific curiosity perspective (I wasn't very attracted to her), I asked her "What made you think that, honestly?". She told me she was with a group of her female friends and they were checking me out for the last few minutes, and noticed that I had not once checked out any girls at the club, so assumed that I must be gay.

This struck me very hard, because up to that point, I had always assumed that women hated being objectified, hated having their asses looked at, etc. etc. (all this I got from my glorified time watching TV and from other media).

So with my perspective changed, I started looking at how other very good looking guys acted in similar social interactions, and they were quite sexual with their intent, and had no fear of showing what they wanted. So I made it a point that whenever a girl would approach me (still very blue pill), I'd look her up and down (while she's watching) to show that I was interested in her sexually. This increased my odds of getting sex quite significantly (even though they always did all the work).

I read into quite a lot of PUA in the last 3 years, and I changed my game dramatically (my verbal game), and all that's really missing is truly getting into an Alpha mindset of not caring about outcomes and acting (doing what I want to do in the moment) instead of reacting to her.

I think my personal story shows that just from a physical perspective, looks do really make a huge difference. When I think back to my teens in highschool and my early 20s I cringe and how horrible I was with women. I'm getting better, but still have a lot of work to do. But I must say, TRP has done more for my mindset in the last 3 weeks than all the PUA I've read in the last few years. Possibly because PUA caters to an unattractive audience via "tricks" and "strategies/gameplans" instead of character building and teaching you how to act like a man.


I learned that if you have a high SMV, all the conventional rules don't apply and women will actually be confused as to why you are not being a man with them (if they perceive from your body language and appearance that you are a Chad, but are not acting like one). In this case, just assumed I was gay.