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A woman cannot tell you how you must proceed. She can only tell you what she wants to experience.

January 14, 2014

It's well known that women give incredibly poor seduction and relationship advice. It's also well known that they are completely unaware of this.

But what if we were to ask ourselves "why"? What is the common thread in all bad female advice that makes them think it's good? How does it look good advice from their perspective?

The answer is female solipsism.

When you ask a woman for dating advice (not that you should, unless you could use a laugh), she is incapable of imagining how the world must look through your eyes. Therefore, she can only tell you what she wants it to look like from hers.

A woman who says you should do X or Y, therefore, isn't talking crazy talk. Just self-centered narcissism talk. She's giving you good information... IF you insert words like "I want it to look/feel like" or "I want people to think" in front of every statement.

Try it as a mental exercise.

"Just be yourself" == "I want to look like you're just being yourself."

"Act natural, don't force it" == " I want it to feel natural, not forced."

"Love will just happen when you meet the right person." == "I want it to look like it just happened without effort, because he was the right person."

"Be honest" == "Sound honest."

All the quotes on the left are bullshit non-advice. But the ones on the right describe the seduction magic we work to create.

Does it work on other statements women make, too? You bet it does.

"I want to be independent." == "I want to look independent." (I don't, however, want to actually take responsibility for myself. That's hard work.)

"I would never do that." == "I wouldn't want anyone knowing I did that."

"I am a good person." == "I want you to think I am a good person."

"I am spiritual, but not religious." == "I want you to think I am deep, but I do not want you to think I am dogmatic."

We can see that pretty much every a woman says makes perfect sense if you proceed from the assumption that she is the center of the universe, and hers is the only perspective there is. If we think about, we can even start to have ideas about where female solipsism comes from.

Women are both evolved and raised to deal with people, not things. In the world of things, there is one true set of circumstances, the way things really are. Fail to grasp it, and you can't get anything done. Your machines don't work, your bridges collapse, your software crashes and brings down the New York Stock Exchange. But in the world of people, what's important isn't what's really there, but what you can convince other people of.

To a woman, truth == consensus. It isn't important what's true. It's important what you can make people believe. And telling any literal truth just weakens her ability to sell the story she wants to sell.

So when a woman tells you something, she isn't stupidly unable to know she's bullshitting you. Nor is she maliciously trying to pull your leg. It's just that, to her, communication consists solely of people trying to bullshit each other. Any other possible way of communicating doesn't enter into her awareness. That's why you can stand ten feet from a woman and scream "What I mean is the literal content of the words I just said!", and she will look for the hidden meaning in both that statement and the one before.

Someone steeped in that environment has no incentive to imagine what the world looks like from someone else's point of view. To attempt to do so would be a great weakness, because it would spoil her ability to push her own point of view.

Just remember that almost anytime a woman says "this is" or "do this", she is actually saying "this is the illusion I desire".

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