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Accidentally Red Pill: Share Your Story

December 1, 2013

Yesterday I was reminiscing with a friend over some beers about our days back in high school chasing tail and causing trouble. It was a good hour-and-a-half of belly-laughs and shoulder jabs, and it got me thinking about how often I got laid because of "accidental Red Pillery".

You know: making fun of a girl because you just wanted to see how pissed she'd get - flirting hard with her friends just to get a rise out of her - stealing her favourite scrunchie and holding it hostage until she meets you after school. All of the mischievous, forbidden fun which (almost unbelievably) led to sex.

It seems to me that, from time to time, a man can accidentally stumble into Red Pill principles and win the day without fully understanding why. I had such a good time sharing stories with my friend that I thought it would make a good topic of conversation for the community.

So come on: what are some of your accidental Red Pill victories from your less-than-Red-Pill days?

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