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Adopting the best attitude to learn

September 18, 2015

TL:DR - Learning requires failure and correction. Adopt the correct role as the student and the appropriate attitude. If you don't, the teacher will likely stop caring if you pass the class and succeed.

A couple of times recently I've had responses to correcting people that were the equivalent of whining "why are you being mean to me?" or plain bitching for me correcting them instead of someone who was stupider/newer to TRP. This is beta behaviour which irritates me the most. Partly because I'm fucked off with myself for misjudging that person as deserving of my help, but also because they're adopting completely the wrong attitude if they want to learn and improve. While they're partly learning and improving from reading things, the way to improve best/fastest is to have someone tell you specifically where you are wrong and correct you. You should be embracing this.

I'm selective about who I reply to. There's a huge number of guys on TRP making comments. I don't correct guys on here for the sake of my ego. When you can play asshole game well enough, you're basically insulting women with a big grin on your face and then watching as she desperately tries to justify to you why she should be allowed to suck you off. That's a giant ego booster. Knowing I can do that is enough for me. I don't need to attempt online AMOGing to feel good about myself. I don't intend to speak for the other ECs and how they go about their posting. But from my PoV, my replies on TRP vary from joking and idle chatter, to explanations and corrections in attitude and understanding. The only thing I expect from someone I'm giving knowledge/advice/explanations to for free, is that they appreciate it/show some respect. If I'm replying to you to correct you, it's probably because I've seen your comments before and think you're saying good things. This demonstrates your potential and so I'm happy to correct you because I want to help you achieve that potential.

My own story is literally how I took on that role. I got involved and tried to surround myself with knowledgeable men who were around when I tried to put forward my understanding. From this, I was corrected many MANY times. I was literally putting myself in a position of being the intellectual bitch amongst the crowd. I embraced this wholeheartedly. I appreciated, and still do appreciate, that better men than me were willing to offer their knowledge and advice to me for free, simply because they saw potential in me. Potential and eagerness to be better. If you are here to learn and become a better man, this is the way to do it. I've posted before on debating and discussion as a man. The essence of this draws from my time as a competitive debater and the useful skill that has allowed me to seek out truth in the most efficient manner. This is how you grow intellectually. For those who want to learn but aren't willing to do this because you need to protect your ego, I've got a couple of things to say to you.

Firstly, if you think you know it all, why are you not a mod or part of the vanguard? Pro-tip: it's because you don't know it all. Secondly, I've said before that adopting an attitude where you think you know it all is not conducive to continual self-betterment. To reapply Hemingway's classic quote: "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." Once you become alpha, you can still learn from your peers. Why? Because even equals can teach each other. It's only inferiors who can't teach superiors much (if anything.)

The beta brat will think he knows better. He'll dismiss everything out of hand which is said directly to him. He will argue in a manner of "but this shows you're wrong" instead of asking for an explanation of a situation that doesn't seem to fit. He'll only learn from reading other things independent of his own thoughts and then try to force his thoughts around them. He doesn't respond with questions to ask for more guidance. How are we supposed to deal with such stubborn fools?

One of the guys I've learnt a lot from and respect, /u/HumanSockPuppet recently declared in no uncertain terms that ECs should actively pull rank on newer members. I agree and disagree with this. I think if we had a more rigid structure where people were actively shamed when they tried to do stupid shit, then pulling rank might work (for example putting in a negative points system to publically shame the guys with the wrong attitude towards self improvement.) Even if we remember what the goal of the sub is, pulling rank will simply drag these guys back into class and make them sit.

Personally however, I don't want those little fucking bitches in my class. I can't force them to learn, so why force them to sit? I've openly told guys that in creating leaders, we want you to be able to take control and sort yourselves out - and one of those things about taking control is in deciding who you want to be educated by on here. You are not required or obligated to be here. None of us are. You are also not required or obligated to attend the class of any specific EC, Vanguard or Mod. There's plenty of good options, so if you don't like one, go find another. In the same way, I do not require any particular student in my class. (I know that this is a good reason why /u/HumanSockPuppet explained that pulling rank should work.) However I actively do not want any student who needs me to pull rank on them. My time is limited and I'm going to spend it as wisely as I can. So if your attitude when I offer my help or reply to a PM to correct your mistakes is to bitch/whine/complain or argue... then you might notice I won't bother responding to you or trying to help you in the future. As the student it's your loss, not mine, when the teacher no longer gives a shit if you learn. I don't have the time or patience to tell a student that they should shut up and learn. Ultimately, if you fail to pass the class so-to-speak, it's not my problem. You're the one who will suffer the consequences. Not me.

This is my rant/solution to this beta bitch behaviour of so-called men who can't embrace their own intellectual failures on their Red Pill journey. To point out the best attitude to adopt. Being told you're wrong is not a bad thing. Kill your fucking ego on here and embrace your own failings. You've already accepted that you failed to work out enough and agreed to go lift. You accepted that you failed to learn to fish properly because you asked a fish instead of a fisherman and now you're reading what the fisherman has to say. Why can't you accept that you're going to fuck up along the way? Be thankful that any knowledgeable man was willing to help you correct your course for free. The success and associated satisfaction of getting it right will come in time, don't worry about that. But for the here and now while you're learning: success is a lousy teacher.

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