Your all a bunch of no pussy getting beta cucks who are so bitch hurt about your inability to get any ass that you all sit around talking shit about that which you can not control: pussy.

The sidebar has lot of true and valuable info by a lot of talented dudes, but most of the population of these boards consists of faggy little bitch titted men who cry non stop about how unfair it is that women get to fuck up the SMV chain and men dont.

You wanna know why women dont dig on you soft muffin mother fuckers? Cause your the kind of guys to sit around on the net and spew hate, projecting it onto someone else whos doing what you only WISH you could: fucking upwards on the SMV ladder with whoever they want, whenever they want.

In short: your obsessions with beta, alpha and rejection is a moniker of your own internal insecurity and weakness. By desperately throwing as much weight in the air and getting as fit as possible, by sitting around reading studies on the female brain and constantly discussing it day and night on internet chat forums your BEING A FUCKING PUSSY BETA.

Real alphas just dont care: they just live life. Bitches see that, and they know Chad doesn't give a fuck. THATS WHAT THEY LIKE, not some whiny cunt sitting on the internet crying all night "waaaaaaaaah, pussy doesn't give me the respect I deserve. How do I be more like Chad?"

"Bro you gotta lift more, so bitches see your pecs and recognize your SMV. Also, you gotta be rude as fuck. Bitches love rude fuckers."

Where the fuck do you closeted nerds come up with this shit? Do YOU EVEN READ THE FUCKING SIDEBAR OF YOUR OWN FORUM? There are beautifully written posts on there about Machiavellian theory, and how to manipulate women into quivering puddles of ready Fleshlight goodness, and all you bitches do is sit around on the internet not reading or applying them.

In short, I wanted to believe I found a cool mens rights movement with some good ideas, but all I ran into was a shitload of 20 year old children obsessed with lifting weights and constantly trying to convince each other that "dude, bro, its not me thats such a weak ass cunt bitches can smell it from down the street, its the bitches. They dont respect "mah alpha powah!"

What a bunch of faggots.