Right now in the Sex subreddit, there's a thread about a girl who attempted a porn shoot, only to find out she'd been scammed. Despite knowing she was being scammed, she went back for more, because hamster. The thread highlights quite a few Red Pill key concepts, and also shows just how badly a Patriarchal system is needed to protect women - both from predators, and from themselves.

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought she might like to try working in porn. She responded to an ad seeking adult models, and met up with a "recruiter" for an "interview". The interview turned into an audition a la Casting Couch - which set off some red flags for the girl, but she shrugged to herself and took the dick. She noticed that the guy stopped recording part of the way through, which she thought was a little weird, but she was having a good time, so whatevs, right?

After the tingles faded and she left, the hamster started to slow down a little. She realized she'd been scammed, but before she could feel like too much of a victim, the guy called with some more hamster food: the sex part of the "interview" didn't record. Oops. Would she mind terribly returning for a reshoot?

So of course she jumped on the dick a second time, because while she was pretty sure the dude was full of shit, there was a slight possibility she might get paid.

Let's take a look inside this girl's psyche. First, the glaringly obvious:

She Wants To Do Porn.

Working in porn is the ultimate Cock Carousel. The feminine nature runs wild, and the girls get what their imperative wants: they are objectified, and they are paid for that objectification. It's the full AFBB package in a tidy business arrangement.

But of course, working in porn is stigmatic. There is no Anti-Slut Defense, because the whole world knows the number of cocks she's ridden. The only ASD possible is to de-stigmatize sex work, and we just ain't there yet. This means the girl who is drawn to pornographic work prioritizes objectification + provision over cultural validation. The hamster kicks in and sells her on the idea of validation from her "fans" (Beta Orbiters), eliminating the cognitive dissonance of her slutdom through tales of how empowering it is to think of fifty thousand dudes jacking off to her.

I feel damaged and stupid and gross. I don't think there's anything wrong adult performances, but I feel disgusted with myself.

She feels taken advantage of. This leads to the next point:

She Isn't Good At Making Her Own Decisions.

This girl acknowledges her agency, which is refreshing.

Let's just acknowledge that I made some very poor decisions. Okay? I get it.

It's also apparent from her post history, as pointed out in the comments, that this isn't the first time she's done something like this. In a photo shoot three months ago, she ignored "red flags" to the point that a photographer began fingering her, and she was "unable to vocalize" her discomfort. In her own head, she is a passive participant.

He then said it was time for an audition. I had no idea that would take place that day; I had only been told about the interview portion. I had already expressed that I was only interested in doing solo work.

He was good looking, and I figured I'd get paid, so despite my gut feeling, I slept with him. I felt if I said I was uncomfortable, I would lose the money. I was already invested, why not go all the way? He eventually stopped recording and we continued to have sex. It was consensual, but I was confused nonetheless. I had no intention of sleeping with anyone that day; no one told me I would be.

I didn't mean to, it just happened. Having admitted her agency at the outset, she now denies agency while admitting consent. He was "good-looking" (tingle) and she would "get paid" (tingle tingle), and she did what she was led to do.

He asked me to return later in the evening. At this point I was convinced this whole thing was a scam. But, idiot I am, I returned to reshoot. I figured at this point, he could either be lying about everything, or he could be honest and the promise of tuition money was right around the corner. Cue bad decision part two. We fucked again

This girl is very bad at making decisions, and very good at following instructions. Her entire account of the scenario has the underlying tone, "Daddy wasn't there to tell me what to do." She needs to be taken care of, and she relies on the men present at the time to guide her.

This is what it is to be feminine without the advantage of a Patriarchal framework. She needs to be objectified. She needs to be provided for. She attaches herself to the idea of the father-figure in men she doesn't know, because she needs to be led so badly she just hands over the reigns.

I feel a great deal of pity for this girl, and others like her I've known. Women were told to rail against and dispose of Patriarchy, and now they're getting fucked by the results.