After the whole week of staying up late, working late in the night, battling with formatting hell and typos, I have finally finished compiling all the information from the sidebar into one e-book.

Like every new user, I was too, guilty of procrastinating and not studying the sidebar material. One of the things that turned me off was that the sidebar material was all over the place: different blogs, websites, fonts, color schemes (I took care of that now by making this e-book). I just couldn't concentrate. The length of the posts didn't help too.

But the way I see it now, you have nothing to do here, if you are not prepared to sit, read and study the sidebar. If you're not prepared to read hundreds of pages of eye-opening material - your loss.

There has been big drop in the quality of the posts (this is throw-away account, I've been here for a year or so) lately. What I would suggest to everyone is to sit and start reading the sidebar again (or especially for the first time!). Sometimes you just need to return back to the basics. It's a really long read, but it's also worth it! After all, this is the best red pill knowledge that is out there and you may read just the sidebar and nothing else ever again on this sub, if you want.

So, click on the link. Download the sidebar an start reading it, I've done my job.

PDF Link:

EPUB Link: (thanks to /u/Bibosas for the formatting)

MOBI Link: (thanks to /u/Bibosas for the formatting)