All Women Lie About Rape - PART ONE

December 19, 2016

I originally started typing this up about a week ago, and found myself a dozen pages in, so I've decided to release this in parts as I go. Here is part one:

I have an interesting thought experiment for you.

RAINN states that 1 in 6 women are a victim of attempted rape, a super majority of which were successful rapes, and a very small portion of it, the rapist manages to fail at his intended goal.

According to the NSVRC, 46.4% lesbians, 74.9% bisexual women and 43.3% heterosexual women reported sexual violence other than rape during their lifetimes. That's almost half of the women you've met in your life.

That's a lot of assault and rape that's going around. It's virtually impossible to walk down the street, go to the mall, or visit a bar without running into a large number of rape and sexual assault survivors.

Based on these numbers, one might start to wonder if a quarantine of men might start making sense. Or possibly segregation should be necessary to protect women. Perhaps increasing our police presence in our public places, or adding cameras to residential homes might make sense.

Maybe you think my solutions are a little extreme, but I'm not convinced that they are over-kill if these numbers are true and we're in the midst of an epidemic affecting half of the female population. If 1 in 6 women contracted a strange new disease, the CDC might shut down flights into and out of the country.


My thought experiment today is about addressing how you decide what makes sense, and what doesn't in the world around you. It's likely that none of us have a deep enough understanding of how the world works that any of us could rightly say "I know how everything works, and why everything happens." In fact, it's very unlikely that any of us are anywhere close to understanding even a fraction of reality.

But I don't think that makes us special (or particularly dumb). Nobody really has the capacity to know everything. And not everything can really be known. We’re seeing this in spades with the recent epidemic of “fake news,” but don’t mistake the new term for a new problem.

When the red pill sub was in its infancy, and the manosphere was still working out the individual details of the theories we now know by heart on our sidebar, there were men who realized that certain details of their lives didn’t pass the smell test. It gave them a feeling in their guts but there wasn’t an obvious answer as to what or why it was.

That very feeling is likely what brought most of you here to The Red Pill. You knew something was amiss and you weren’t quite sure what it was.

The Red Pill is one of many counter-cultures by virtue of the fact that we stand in the face of commonly accepted understandings and worldviews. We’ve observed the happenings around us, and decided that the socially accepted reasons why didn’t line up quite right.

We, as a group, think we’ve got a better handle on reality than most… at least, when it comes to sexual strategy. But there’s a chance we’re very, very wrong. And that’s okay in my mind. We may not ever know the true causes of why women like certain traits. We assume it’s evolution, though nobody can really pinpoint what mechanism in evolution really caused these behaviors, we take an educated guess that evolution somehow did it, since evolution is largely to blame for all of our behavior.

We like to hypothesize about why certain traits were evolutionarily advantageous. Big muscles on men was important, to fight bears and lions! Long hair on women showed consistency in health over a long period of time. Aggressiveness was selected for in men because those men had all the food. Women shit test and are hypergamous because our species’ survival relied upon always finding the best conditions to create a child.

If you asked me whether I believe these hypotheses to be true, I’d say they’re the best explanations I’ve seen to fit my observations. But it’s impossible for me to really know. Even with the rigors of scientific study into human evolution, we’re probably never going to know for sure the whys of our history. We’ll see the whats and do our best to fit a narrative to match the observations.

And that’s what we all do for everything in our lives. Nobody’s worldview narrative matches reality precisely. All that matters is that it works.

In The Red Pill we’ve exchanged a worldview that did not work very well for us, which we call the blue pill state of mind, and replaced it with a much better approximation: The Red Pill state of mind. But The Red Pill isn’t a perfect worldview, and is likely lined with inconsistencies and faulty logic that keeps it a good distance from aptly describing reality around us. The only real difference between the red pill narrative and the blue pill narrative is that it works better for men to find success, happiness, and sex.

The question that I’ve asked myself every day since I discovered the dark world of the red pill is this: By which mechanism were we allowed to discover a more functional world view, and by which mechanism do others fail to discover or adopt a more functional world view?

If the Red Pill truly brings success to men who adopt it, then why would any man remain in a blue pill stupor? “Surely,” he must think, “if there were men who had the keys to success and were able to demonstrate it, I should listen to what they say.”

This isn’t a settled topic for me by any stretch. I think it’s going to be a topic I’ll devote some time to in the next year, because the war of ideas is fascinating to me. But I think a good place to start is first figuring out what the mechanism is that allows us to peer deeper into the rabbit hole, and – while not truly discovering real reality – discover a better worldview that gets results that our mainstream culture doesn’t want us to achieve.

For those familiar with Scott Adam’s writing, this is a topic he spends a lot of time trying to describe. You’ll see a lot of similarities in my approach, I agree with him on a lot.

So Women Lie About Rape?

I’m sure you were wondering what this has to do with rape, or the women who lie about it. I am going to get to that, soon.

One of the core mechanisms I’ve recognized that helped lead me to the red pill was my ability to sniff out inconsistencies in world views. And, like I mentioned, I could be completely wrong on all my ideas, but the one thing I could ensure was that it could at least be internally consistent and match my observations.

If I suggest to you that gravity is fake, and that nothing holds us to the ground, you’ll likely be skeptical at such a claim. You know from your experiences that gravity keeps you grounded, that baseballs hit into the sky come back to earth, and that the earth presumably revolves around the sun. Everything you’ve observed in life and understand about gravity from school has been neatly placed into your worldview, and what I’ve just said does not match.

When we were told as children that being a nice guy who treats women right and fairly would result in us finding a nice woman to settle down with and live happily ever after, we were told this version of the world before we had enough observational data to confirm or disprove it. By what mechanism would we have been able to determine the extent to which it was not true?

We learned from an early age that knowledge would be attainable from multiple sources. For much, we could learn from our experiences and experimentation. We didn’t need to learn Newton’s calculations to figure out how to toss a ball. Our muscles and our brains slowly determined the rules of the world around us, and no additional information was necessary.

But gravity isn’t entirely explained by our experience, as Einstein found out. There are rules to gravity that fall outside of our perception. This information, we each discovered, can be learned by listening to experts who used acceptable methods to determine more about reality than we can observe. Very few people disagree with relativity, even though none of us have traveled at the speeds that would make these laws perceptible, let alone relevant in our lives.

Einstein, our parents, and the greater culture of media, peers, and experts, became a surrogate for experiences we had not yet, or may never have. For most of us, we will never travel to outer space. But we believe the pictures that show us what the earth looks like from the moon. There is little reason to disbelieve it.

Unfortunately, along with the tidbits of science and history, we were also given information about our possible future experiences. We were to enter into the sexual market at some point, and they intended to prepare us. We grew up acting; In lieu of experience, we acted on their advice.

This means that The Red Pill here about sexual strategy really isn't unique. There must be Many red pills.

I'm going to continue this tomorrow, but feel free to discuss and see if you can guess my point in what any of this has to do with women lying about rape.

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