An attractive woman's abundance mentality

October 10, 2017

A lot of women have an abundance mentality. If a woman has been attractive her whole life, then she has only known a life where men give her constant attention and are always offering to shower her with gifts and affection. Everywhere she goes, 24/7. It never ends. There are always guys around giving her things.

Attractive women truly worry about finding another man like you worry about taking your next breath, i.e. they aren't worried. And I'm willing to bet that until you read that last sentence, you weren't even paying attention to the fact that you were breathing. Yeah, that's how unconscious it is for an attractive woman to know she's going to find another guy.

So with a never-ending stream of men available to her, why would she ever be motivated to take care of any one guy? It would be like you having a deal with every car manufacturer that you can pick and choose any new car you want, any time, for any reason. And competing dealerships will follow you around when you're already in a car, offering you their car as an alternative.

If this were your life, every day, for as long as you lived, then why would you ever stay with your shitty Honda Accord long term? As soon as your car got a flat tire or overheated or had a busted transmission, you wouldn't be interested in sinking resources into fixing a fucked up car; you'd leave that piece of shit on the side of the road and immediately accept a ride from the endless parade of cars available to you.

By contrast, most men have a scarcity mentality. Neither women nor cars are thrown at us. Most men (who haven't been blessed with amazing genetics and a trust fund) have to work hard and strive for the things they acquire.

And even when they try their best, they still fail. "It's a numbers game" they'll tell you. "Just keep trying, keep improving. You'll get better."

And it's true, you do get better if you work at it. But it doesn't come easy, and almost nothing is handed to you.

So when you finally get your own car (or woman), your instinct is to treat it with respect and care because this is the only car you've got and it took a lot for you to acquire it.

But for men, it's important to develop more of an abundance mentality when it comes to women and not invest too much emotionally into a relationship because each sex is playing a completely different game. She can't appreciate you the way you appreciate her because she didn't fight a perpetual war every day of her life just to earn the privilege to ride with you; you were just the next car to pull up when her last car had a flat tire.


Retarded incels will project their values onto women and then judge her behavior according to incel values. These immature men observe a woman's abundance mentality in action and will become angry because her behavior conflicts with what these faggots want. These underdeveloped men see it as being her fault that relationships fall apart. These simians often fail to look in the mirror and see how their own behavior contributed to the downfall of their past relationships.

So if you observe women's abundance mentality and your instinct is to become angry, that anger is your BP incel side whispering in your ear. Stop being a faggot who blames women for their natural abundance mentality and start focusing on becoming a better man yourself.

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