This post has been kicking around in my head for a while. I hope it holds something interesting for the community that has given me so much. I've posted it on my blog, but I want to see what you guys think of it.

tl;dr - I tie together concepts, similar to how some people have a system of 'Looks, Money, Status'.


Existentialism is a philosophy concerned with the experience of being human. My conclusions arise from this filter, and forms the basis of my decision architecture, which I present here for critique. Hopefully, a resulting discussion will be of use to somebody. In my analysis, I will make the point that meaning and direction cannot be derived from studying the universe, from some grand morality or God, nor from other people. You must construct your own reality. I discuss my personal architecture; how I arrived at a model that makes sense. Again, I present this to incite discussion that will help people, rather than to push dogma on you. That would go against what I stand for; you must be your own authority in all matters of existence.

While some people talk of being human, I wish to differentiate and talk on being a man; on masculinity. Although I do not intend to talk on the real-time politics of gender and related issues, suffice it to say I have been driven to share my ideas on what it means to live successfully as a man. To give back to a larger community that helped build me, and to reach out to boys (and men) who are desperate for positive masculine voices. I intend to learn more myself, through fruitful discussion. I would rather have my ideas publicly torn down if we can all learn from it, than to say nothing at all. These are my motivations for my blog, and this post.

Whether you believe in free will or not, what differentiates us from the inanimate, and the merely sentient is choice, or the illusion. We’ll save the details of that discussion for another day. The point is, as The Oracle says: “…you didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it”. Success is about making good decisions, and for that you need an architecture – a way of understanding the world around you. You must build this. But the best way is to first deconstruct that of other people. Here’s the basics of mine.

I feel it’s a bit more balanced than the old Looks, Money, Status (LMS). How do we decide what’s important, where to spend our time? I instead give six states of man; I will then discuss how I arrived here:

  • The Warrior-Hunter
  • The Strategist-Creator
  • The Salesman-Politician
  • The Patriarch-Player
  • The Artist-Hedonist
  • The Philosopher-Scientist

The double-barreled names hold no significance beyond adding to description; they could be called anything. However, there will be in this post, and in the future, a continued theme of binarism and sliding scales. Masculine and Feminine; in and out; 1 and 0; wave and particle, yin and yang. Success is balance. Focus on one end of the spectrum leads to stagnation. Overtraining; planning paralysis; extremism.

The Warrior-Hunter

Strip away all modern politics and technology, you are left with the struggle for survival. A man in times before was valued on his ability to fight off predators and enemy tribes. His value was also in hunting other animals to be used as food. Man had a killer instinct, a head for violence and a living reality of physical challenge.

I’m not an expert of evolutionary psychology, but this very primal base provides a huge groundwork for what will make you happy and what will make you attractive to women. Men are designed to be physically stronger. It is your duty to train your body. Lift weights, do sprints, find a sport. In spite of what modernity says, it is still a physical, dangerous world out there. Women are biologically evolved to find superior physical traits attractive, so that you may defend her, her children, and the tribe.

This also extends to other men. Will you gain respect by showing you can defend them and the larger clan? Even today in business settings, a domineering physical presence wins respect and success, based on these deep responses we have evolved.

In the vein of the balance theme, it is important to consider yourself as the warrior, so you might train martial arts, endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility besides strength. Become a well-wounded combatant capable of defending your keep. Take a look at the top MMA fighters. Development beyond mass; probably capable of taking out an unbalanced gym bro. They are balanced, pure survival machines and dominate their surroundings. Beware rigid bodybuilder syndrome.

You might consider hunting, fishing as a hobby. Your career might be involved in the military, where your tactics and fitness moves beyond that of the sport fighter. There are endless sources on strategy and military history you can pore over. As a man you may want to study this anyway – you never know when you may have to defend your tribe in all out war.

The warrior must eat and sleep well; he must maintain balance and nurture his body to stay strong. Eating whole foods, consistency, and commitment will serve you in a world filled with processed, calorie dense, sugar heavy foods, not suited to the warrior. Consider supplements, but read up. Many are marketing gimmicks. Finally, you should keep posture, breathing, and overall health in mind. The point is to become an all round machine, rather than to injure yourself or allow yourself to be dominated in any way.

What’s important is to do your own research. Perhaps at some point I’ll write on my personal systems, but I won’t suggest training program xyz. Much more qualified people have written on these things. The resources (sidebar, top posts etc.) on The Red Pill contain more than enough to get going, but here are some other things that have helped me., T Nation, A Workout Routine, Alan Thrall, Eric Wong, Elliot Hulse.

The Strategist-Creator

As we move on from the carnal side of man, we approach modern developments. Man has developed advanced ways of interacting with his environment. Man as creator takes resources and bends them to his will, to solve problems, to meet his motivations. He yields value to himself and his tribe. Put briefly, power is communicated through technology and economics. It could be an engineering project, or an artistic one. Masculinity reconstructs reality around itself, in spite of hostility. Beyond survival, modern man thrives.

By strategist, I mean the ability to manage processes, to consider variables in time and space and make bold decisions, take calculated risks in the face of uncertainty. A man unable to provide creativity or strategy has no value. You will not get a free pass. It is up to you to study economics, business, and to learn your trade. A man is nothing without the value he can add to society. Here are some resources I have found useful, but I refrain from an extended discussion. Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter, Rework by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, Do More Faster by Brad Feld and David Cohen. Do your own research, the resources are endless.

The Salesman-Politician

In control of himself and his environment, a man must also consider those others around him. A man realises the reality of hierarchy, and rejects egalitarianism. Individuals differ in their strength, power, intelligence, genetics. Thus begins the game of power. You create either pleasure or pain, mental or physical on your opponent. Direct and control those below you. Serve or challenge those above you. The Warrior-Hunter deals with physical pleasure and pain. Evolved man masters Machiavellianism, the game of soft power.

In orchestrating people, you become a source of pleasure or pain as situationally required. The art of deception; guiding people down the path you wish, pleasure and pain like a bowling alley with the sides up, your target bouncing between them. It is not themselves that have agency but you. Sales and politics fly under the radar, unlike the warrior.

All interactions are a process of qualifying, but rather than in a ring, the qualification of manipulation takes place in the mind. A system of pushing and pulling, you play the dopamine drug dealer. The salesman provides free samples (pleasure) and then removes the samples, raises his price (pain). The hooked consumer has no choice but to comply. Dopamine and pleasure return and so on. They are at the salesman’s mercy. Such transactions occur under many guises. It could be as simple as providing validation and then unpredictably removing that, before returning it to reward a desired behaviour.

Students of power and game will recognise these concepts. Success depends upon your study of them. To control, and avoid being controlled. I will save an extended discussion for future posts, as I hope to further flesh the ideas of power out.

The Patriarch-Player

After discussing survival, we turn to that other motivation, sex or reproduction. Enough has been said on game that anyone should be able to piece it together for themselves. I include it here for completeness of the model. The Red Pill sidebar is the main education you’ll need. Attraction across the genders is based in power. Develop your warrior, creator, and politician; your power and you’ve got game. Combined with a Red Pill understanding of gender you’ll have more pussy than you know what to do with. The player.

For balance, I include the patriarch. Whether you choose this path or not, it makes up part of the historical motivations of humanity, which will have imprinted on you. You should at least consider this end of the spectrum. The fertile man at the head of his family and community. Many men at some point will feel a drive for a long-term relationship (LTR), and for reproduction. By no means is this necessary for any man, but some will be drawn to it. LTRs require the most solid game, with no holes. Your dominance will be continually tested, forever. The payoff for this apparent masochism is a more stable, reliable partner for the journey of life, allowing you to focus elsewhere, and providing the correct environment for children. Parenthood is its own challenge. All of this draws on the concepts of power and leadership.

And regardless of your path, the most solid advice is to not marry.

The Artist-Hedonist

Oft ignored within the Red Pill community is the enjoying of the spoils. This discussion extends from sexual strategy to being content with your masculinity. As a project cycles through, taking time to celebrate is no bad thing. Just avoid it as a lifestyle. A well-earned whisky will not hurt your progress, and may even help to enforce patterns of work-reward. Sports teams are renowned for getting blasted after a good game.

A good movie or even game (think Citizen Kane, Metal Gear Solid) can help you explore concepts whilst also helping you unwind. Go for quality, refinement. Embracing the artist and hedonist in a controlled manner can offer new hobbies to connect with people, and a productive way to enrich yourself whilst taking a well-earned breather. Don’t stay in monk mode forever. As attractive as power is, no one is going to stick around the boring ascetic, as noble as that lifestyle is. In the words of Raoul Duke: “Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas … with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.”

The Philosopher-Scientist

Socrates supposedly said: “…the greatest good of a man is daily to converse about virtue, and all that concerning which you hear me examining myself and others, and that the life which is unexamined is not worth living.” Rational enquiry may be the defining trait of men over women. Men looked up to the stars and made measurements, without thought of profit or recognition, but because they were driven to understand more. To master that which is around them, to develop their awareness and ask the questions that matter. To live not in ignorance but to examine the world, their own drives and actions.

Whether you are interested in philosophy, physics, or perhaps some hobby based in hand crafting, like woodwork, it is important to develop your rational abilities. Develop a higher existence, better ideas, a better understanding of the things, people, and events around you. It has been said that knowledge is power; I would argue wisdom will reap much more for you. A man who thinks independently, critically, can control, innovate, and lead. The man who sees further, the man of vision is the one others come to for direction and advice. Be a source of inspiration, meaning, reason.

“I don’t see myself being special; I just see myself having more responsibilities than the next man. People look to me to do things for them, to have answers.” – Tupac Shakur


Rather than do anything revolutionary, or to force ideology on you, I have shared the system I help organise my life around. I was driven to tie together the threads of all the development I had undergone (and continue to do so) over the last few years. I wish to develop these ideas further, but today I have shared the model, the framework. I hope it has been useful and interesting to at least one person. I hope the idea of balance gives some spiritual benefit.

I learn largely through debate, which is why I present these ideas. I expect many people to disagree or fail to see any merit. I present not ultimate truth or narrative, just some ideas that have worked for me. Tear them down if you want, and hopefully we can all learn something.

Yours in Exile…