I've recently completed OITNB mostly out of curiosity and the encouragement of one of my closest yet admittedly beta friends.

It didn't take long for me to see how this show that had female criminals in it as portrayed as nothing other than the victim to the evil man. Whether it's the main character who was involved with drugs and cheated on her beta husband with another inmate, whilst also managing to make the husband the villain when he dumps her ass (still a beta cos he's getting married a but he fucked the best friend so). It even an inmate seducing a prison hairs, getting pregnant, leaching off the prison guard, then fucking another prison guard because insert hamster reason and uses this as an opportunity to get money sms privileges.

The only saving grace for the show is the character Mendez who is alpha as fuck (until the last season where they ruin his character). He doesn't get trampled by the women who manipulate the shit out of the other male guards, does his fucking job yet is still portrayed as a villain. My favourite line from Mendez is this where he handles girls asking for a drink. Actually I'd watch the whole video, because even though it showd the parts where the show turns him to shit, he's alpha most of the way through. Although he's a "douchebag" all the fans(mostly girls) love him compared to the snivelling beta males in the show.

OITNB really highlights women as they are. Its meant to be empowering feminists and all that shit, when really it justifies everything that is taught here on The Red Pill.