... And Don't Listen to Me Like a 'Sperg, Either.

July 20, 2015

Hi, I'm PinkKitty1992, and I made this reddit account so I can tell you all my very important opinions on the red pill stuff. A lot of it makes sense, but I just don't agree that All Women Are Like That. My mommy stuck by my daddy through unemployment and cancer, and I'm not like that either 'cuz I'm not a vapid whore and I don't treat men bad or slut it up with every man I see even though I'm in college now and lots of boys like me (yay!), and I want to marry a man I respect someday and have some children but I don't wanna be chained to the stove and not have a job and have to ask permission to do anything and I don't see why the red pill has to be so full of angry guys being nasty!


Hi, my name is ThadThunderCock2378954732918, and I'm decently along on my redpill journey, but I have a question about to deal with disrespect. The other day I was talking about some politics stuff (not American, I'm Lebanese), and one of my plates said "That makes sense, but I don't quite agree", and made some other argument, which I didn't really pay attention to because I was thinking about how to respond to this obvious shit test. What would you guys say if one of your plates disagreed with you?


Y'all spergs.

Nothing you read here is to be taken literally. Except the parts that are. Which ones? You figure that out. I'm not here to give you a comprehensive, literal, and precise theory of everything. I'm here to say whacky stuff that shakes you up and opens your eyes. What you read here should start a thought process, not end it.

In every conversation, there two channels along which information flows... the content, and the process. The content is the literal meaning of the words we say. Simple, direct, easy to absorb for anyone who speaks English. The process is the message conveyed by how I speak, and what I do while speaking.

Process communication is the larger part of human language. While TRP attempts to open your eyes to process communication, by talking about it in the content channel, we cannot dispense with process communication even while doing so, because people do not work that way.

Even here, the literal content is not the message, because the end result is not dry information. It's what you do with what you now know. It's how you feel about what you heard. It's your new state of mind. There's no way to encode that in the content of words, because language doesn't do that. I can describe you, but I cannot write you. I can use the word "tree", I can point at a tree, but I cannot reach through the screen and forcibly twist your head so you see the tree and stop staring at my pointing finger.

And eventually, you're going to have to look at all the different trees and understand the concept of a forest.

Spergs cannot generalize. They cannot grasp implications. They cannot grasp nuance. They do not have a sense of proportion. They hear the content of a message, and take it literally, or reject it altogether. They do not grasp the intent behind the words. That's not going to help you here.

To be masculine in a world that has forgotten how is not just to know something. It is to think differently, act differently, see things differently than before.

So I cannot tell you. I have to show you. And you have to figure out how to be shown.

If you argue about whether literally all women are like that, you're being a sperg. If you treat everything as a shit test (even when I have literally just written to you "everything is a shit test"), then you are being a sperg. If you argue about whether TRP is full of "hatey stuff" that distracts from the message, you are being a sperg.

Instead, use your burgeoning social skills to read between the lines.

If you do not learn to use and understand process communication, not only will women not ever want to have sexytimes with you, you will also not be able to use the instructions written here for changing that.

Think about the presentation. Think about the process channel. Use your own brain. TRP does not free you from the responsibility to think.

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