Hello all,

I've been a lurker here for quite some time and a first time poster. I've picked up many ways to improve myself. I'm still a beginner here but many RP truths have really changed the way I view society and its interactions. My question is, what to do if another RP member or pua attempts to hit on your girl? I was at the library when my plate was approached by someone she had met on the train a few days earlier. His looks did not give off an alpha vibe but his mannerisms did. When talking to my plate he maintained good posture, eye contact, and completely ignored me, even when directly speaking to him. My plate disregarded him and "went to the bathroom". Subsequently he just walked away. How should I approach these situations in the future? I'm far from a smooth talker and still have some beta qualities (soft spoken, not cocky funny, not responding to shit tests in the best way). Is there any way to use my established comfort to my advantage when facing someone with superior game to mine? Any and all help would be appreciated!