Apparently harassing females on discord is enough to have the cops sent out to your house

March 20, 2020

I'll keep this story short. We are now living in the year 2020 and we live in a world where police now show up at your house if you question the feminist narrative that women are non-sexual human beings. I will show proof tomorrow if anyone doubts my story, my front porch has a camera that records audio/video and I recorded the whole thing.

I am a student in school (I went back to school to finish my degree) and my school has a discord. I got along flirty with 2 of the female members of the discord and I said some flirty/sexual stuff and they reciprocated sexually and flirty as well. This eventually became more and more sexual, whatever you know, just having fun on discord and now I'm never allowed to re-join that University discord and am in fact now banned under the threat of arrest if I re-join discord using an alt account!


Do we really live in a world where feminism has gotten to the point that our tax dollars are being used to tell guys like me to stay off discord? I mean seriously, WHAT-THE-ACTUAL-FUCK!!! I'm aghast, I just looked up what that word means because I have only used that word like twice before in my life before and I have to say I am shamefully, deeply aghast that this is the world we live in.

Mods, if you think I'm a troll, just please take down this post and I'll supply proof tomorrow and re-submit. I'm just giving a warning to men out there who vote democrat and want to expand government to the point where police now show up at your doorstep for sexting a college girl on discord who later finds out you are an older man (by a few years, not many) then hey, let the system collapse or move to Thailand or what-not because I'm hella-embarrassed to call myself an American!

Also, if anybody wants to add me on discord, and you got a good sense of humor, then PM me your discord ID# and I'll add you. Looking for positive people with a good sense of humor only or just add me below because I haven't gotten any PM's yet:

Power and Discipline#2833

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