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Applying Law 38 by joining female-focused institutions to further your own interests?

October 10, 2015

As I'm sure many of you are aware, in today's world, there is no end of gynocentric institutions and programs to further the advancement of female interests. These can be broadly broken down into government, private sector, and unviersity-based institutions and programs. Some examples of these are female-only scholarships, company specific programs to increase female-hiring and retention, programs to give more leeway to mothers, and student organizations that focus on women in male-dominated fields (eg. Society of Women Engineers).

My question: would a man who is focused on gaining more power for himself be wise to join some of these institutions or programs, even if he doesn't believe in them, to further his own position (Law 38)?

Would a man who, by outward appearances, enthusiastically supports and furthers female causes gain power in the workplace? For example, if a man were to join a program or organization at work like "XYZ Company Women Matter" in an administrative or leadership role, would he become a better candidate for promotion?

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