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Are you good enough?

March 9, 2021

Change how you think women see SMV. They don't perceive SMV the same way guys do.

E.g. For a physique, we'd probably rate this:



6/10 or this

8/10 or this


Now, don't sperg in the comments by saying x isn't natty or y isn't a 6/10. The pictures matter little but the point is we give guys a linear SMV model for their physique. More muscle= more points. Less muscle=fewer points. Fair and meritocratic right?

But what do girls do?

For them its more binary. Is he muscly enough or not?

For her, the 1 and 3/10 are the same. Not enough. And for her, a 6 or a 7 is enough. She doesn't care much about the distinction once you pass her threshold. She doesn't know the difference between a 4 plate squat and a 2 plate squat. She doesn't know about muscle mass and bodyfat and bulking and cutting, she just thinks "hot or not". That 8 and 10 is the same to her even though we are talking about a 30/40 pound difference.

With money, we would probably rate a guy making $100k, $1 million, and $10 million quite differently.

But for her? Not likely, once you pass her threshold ("he's enough"), she cares little about the distinctions among those echelons. You think she's going to leave a guy making $100k for a guy making $150k? You think she's going to leave a guy making $2.5 Million for a guy making $10 million? Unlikely. They aren't concerned about the literal figure but more so how cool/posh is his general lifestyle. The lifestyle differences between those 2 examples is very little.

Is he rich enough or not?

So am I saying you should just aim for being good enough? Just aim for a 2 plate squat and a $100k check and relax? Fuck no, 3 plate squat minimum. You should chase for more, strive for more. That's life.

My point is if you already have a 2 plate bench, and aren't getting girls, the limiting factor isn't your bench or your physique. The answer isn't get a 3 plate bench (although you should still strive for it for yourself). Its very likely something else such as you dressing like a homeless guy or you barely escalating with any girls.

If you already are dressing amazing and getting your haircut every 3 weeks, and aren't getting girls, the limiting factor isn't your haircut or fashion. The answer isn't get your haircut every 2 weeks and buy more clothes. Its more likely you have a DYEL physique.

If you already are mass approaching girls, reading TRP and aren't getting girls, the limiting factor isn't you not having enough knowledge. The answer isn't read more. Its more likely you dress like shit and probably also have a DYEL physique.

So if you ever find yourself struggling with girls, ask yourself, "what right now isn't good enough?" And improve on that first because that will typically be what's holding you back.

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