As soon as he sells his companies, his wife leaves and takes half the money.

March 28, 2017

Quora question:

What did you do immediately after selling your company?

Answer by Kevin Kruse

"Got divorced and lost half the money. Well not immediately…

As soon as the deal closed I drove home, very excited, and asked my wife to log into our online banking account to confirm the wire transfer went through.

She sat in front of the laptop. I stood behind her, looking over her shoulder at the screen. That boot up sequence took forever (yeah, it was a Windows machine).

Finally, she logs in and clicks the account number and…there it is! A totally life changing amount of money. I feel happy, and relief, so much hard work and…

“Wow, I could leave you now, take half and never work another day the rest of my life,” she said flatly. And then she chuckled as if it were a joke.

Even as a joke I thought it was a weird thought for her to have in that moment. I chuckled.

Two weeks later she sat me down and said she feels disconnected in our marriage. We should go to a counselor to try to save things, but if we can’t fix it, we should split up while we’re still young enough to find someone else and get married again.

Six months later we were separated.

Six months after that we got divorced (yes, she got half plus alimony plus child support).

Six months after that she got engaged to the guitar player from church."

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