Attention all women - Don’t worry, the men of the Red Pill have your backs

July 3, 2018
  • Women are much better off with men who hold frame completely. A true red pill man will not argue, fight with or strike a woman. She knows that he walks away from all arguments and withdraws all affection until she is calm. He is the rock upon which her emotions break.

  • Women are better off with men who are in shape and who accept personal responsibility for their actions. A red pill man takes care of his body and his business. A red pill man has a mission and a purpose and he leads.

  • A red pill man knows that most women are emotional and nurturing people and he loves that about them. He enjoys her enthusiasm, her cuddles, her support and her company. He understands that most women adore men who lead and take care of them. Whilst he has her love, loyalty and support he is happy to do that. It comes very naturally to us.

  • Red pill men understand that women have been tricked and lied to. We know that less attractive, very angry women have invented a horrible movement to try and turn women into men. This movement would have women believe they can do anything a man can do. We are here to destroy the lies and tell the truth. The truth is women cannot beat men in a fight like they show in the movies. Most women do not want to act, dress and speak like men, they are perfectly happy to be women, and what is wrong with that?

  • We know that there are a small percentage of women who do want to behave like men and do many of the things that men do. This is already allowed in western culture and women can do whatever study and take whatever job and play whatever sport they want. We do not oppose equality of opportunity, we oppose the fraudulent and dangerous idea that you can legislate equality of outcome. In a universe governed by laws of physics and biology it is ridiculous to deny that biology plays a part in our choices and desires.

  • Men of the red pill know that most women want to feel accepted and happy for BEING FEMININE. There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress up, make a beautiful home, have children and raise them. We also understand that there is a chorus of deluded people who thing that all humans are androgynous blank slates. The media makes a lot of money paying liars to write poisonous articles which lie and say that men and women are the same. This is obviously false and even a child knows better. I will repeat it, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING FEMININE. It is a terrible shame that it had to be men who figured this out for you, but don’t be sad, the men of the red pill have your back.

  • Men of the red pill stand opposed to modern feminism. Unfortunately feminism has now been hijacked and commercialised to serve the few, at the expense of the many. Feminism is a poisonous doctrine and it is not possible to be a feminist who understands the truth. Feminism is a lie, there is no truth left in it. Most of the inequality in the world is based on economic and racial factors. Where were the black dress wearing stooges of Hollywood when the schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram? Western feminists DO NOT CARE about women. It is a hostile and hateful movement populated by brainwashed bigots. It is a racist movement which only cares about minor irritations to white women.

  • When feminists talk about a wage gap they only talk about the gap between white women and white men. They say that women earn 81 cents for every dollar a man earns. This is only the difference between WHITE women and white men. White women earn more than black men, black women, hispanic men, hispanic women. There is no movement by white women to ensure that black or hispanic people of both genders earn as much as they do. In reality the top 4 earners in the USA as a class are asian men, then white men, then asian women, then white women. Why aren’t white women pointing fingers at Asian women or asian men who both earn more than them?

  • Feminism is the biggest lie of the modern era, it is really just a power grab and a cash cow for the media. Feminism claims to stand against sexism and racism when they are guilty of stereotyping, racism and misandry against white men. All feminists are by definition hypocrites. You cannot counter hatred with more hatred. That is like trying to cure a poisoned person, by administering more poison. The opposite of hate is love.

  • The red pill is a love movement. Look at the mission statement “sexual strategy”. We have red pill subs for men and women who want to improve themselves, be better lovers and better partners. We have information for married people who want to improve themselves and therefore their marriage. The red pill rejects the idea that we hate women, on the contrary, we seek out endless opportunities to love them more and love more of them. You cannot have love and peace when there is a war going on. We say to feminists, lay down your arms, stop lying and hating and enjoy being a woman. Women are awesome and they do not need you to tell them what to think.

Peace ✌️ ❤️

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