Summary: A woman doesn't have to like you to desire you.

For those of you out there wondering how a woman can say she hates a guy one moment, yet be sucking his dick the next, let me quickly clarify something I'd like to address in this post:

Women don't have to LIKE you, to be ATTRACTED to you. And visa versa, Women don't have to be ATTRACTED to you, to LIKE you.

Confused yet? Ok, let me dive deeper into this phenomenon. I'll start with the former point- Women don't have to like you to be attracted to you.

This one's for the Alphas.

Who says she has to like you 100% to be attracted to you? People are shallow. AKA a women doesn't have to like you to FUCK you. You see, desire, lust, attraction- it's all non-negotiable. It's why they say if you're a homosexual, pedophile, or what have you, you were born that way. You didn't choose it, because attraction doesn't operate from the realms of the logical, rational brain. It exists within what many would call the Lizard Brain. The primal brain. Our Reptilian complex.

There is actually science behind this thought process. It's called the Triune Brain. In that theory we have of course, three different parts to our human brain: the Reptillian Complex, the Paleomammalian complex, and the Neomammalian complex. The Reptillian Complex is why we as men will often try to fuck the hottest, but also meanest, bitchiest girls of the bunch, while women will lust after the so called douche bags with the chiseled abs with a deficit of any fucks given on both sides.

This is why the stereotype of the bad boy drowning in pussy even exists. Sure, the frat boy may be a dick to everyone and only care for himself- he may treat the nerds and geeks like dirt, and the football player may act jaded and unamused by the cheerleaders as if each cheerleader is just another notch on his belt- but this doesn't matter. The cheerleaders are still going to be sucking his cock over at the baseball dugout later that evening, regardless of how badly he treats her. Hell, she may be so pissed at him she hate fucks him. It doesn't matter though, because attraction is non-negotiable. It's why Rihanna kept coming back for more of that Chris Brown cock.

There is a difference between attract and like. Let me move on to the latter point in this post- Women don't have to be attracted to you to like you.

This one's for the Betas.

This is why women will often cheat on the side and cuckold some poor guy who just doesn't have a clue how she really thinks of him. She likes him! Oh, she definitely likes him... what is there not to like?

This guy provides for her, pays the bills, works everyday to keep a roof over her head, buys her expensive gifts, and tells her he loves her all the time. This guy thinks the world of his special someone. His true love. He is faithful to her, and feels like the luckiest man on the planet for having married the girl of his dreams. To him, she can do no wrong. They're the perfect couple. Of course she likes him! And hell, she even has once a week duty sex with him!

Every day, the attraction that may or may not have been there at one point, slowly starts to become one sided, as she begins to tell him "I'm just not in the mood tonight" more and more on the regular. Oh no! Does she still like this guy?

The answer is probably. She's safe with him. She's stable with him. He's stable. Predictable. She doesn't want to blow it up by divorce raping his ass just yet. Not until she can lock down "Chad," the guy she's been secretly seeing on the side. What if Chad doesn't commit?

Oh no, can't risk it yet. So, she'll continue to like this guy. As much as she can fathom. She just won't be attracted to him. Of course, as time goes on, the guy will visit Deadbedrooms or Relationships for advice on how to get that "spark" back that he once thought they had.

The only problem is, it will be too late...

She's already in cahoots with Chad, spit-balling ideas... ideas on how to break the news to her husband that she wants a divorce. That Chad "treats her better" than Mr. Beta Bux.

...And Mr. Beta Bux will stumble across The Red Pill in the comments of Deadbedrooms or Relationships, as it gets downvoted to oblivion by feminists and white knights.

If you found The Red Pill before then, well, I congratulate you. I suggest you shoot for attraction rather than being liked. But thats just me.

Lesson's Learned: A women doesn't have to like you to be attracted to you, and she certainly doesn't have to be attracted to you to like you for what value you can offer her.