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Avoiding the Tradcon Trap

April 8, 2016

You can't spin plates all your life.

Not because you literally can't (some of y'all smoooothe muthafuckas), but because sooner or later, you're not going to want to.

Most men, with the occasional rare exception, are at some point in their lives going to want something more from a girl than a sexy body to ejaculate into.

That's where the shit gets dangerous. Because while y'all know enough not to LTR the town bicycle, there's another kind of woman out there who we need to talk about. Because while while everyone knows crazy hoes will ruin your shit, there are other ways for your life to suck.

I'm talking about traditionalist conservative ("tradcon") women.

On the surface, this kind of woman looks like a good deal. She certainly talks a lot about doing the things that men want an LTR to do... keeping a low N count, being faithful and loyal to her man, acting submissive, treating his needs as important, etc.

Listen to her long enough, and some of y'all weak muthafuckas will tear up, decide she's a unicorn, and promote her to LTR right away. Some of them are good at talking that shit.

Not a good plan.

Why not?

Isn't an old-timey marriage, with a sweet, affectionate wife, a cozy home, and maybe some children something that many men want? It's not all fantasies about being a rockstar and nailing groupies. Hell, we get some guys in askTRP who can't get even get it up with on an ONS, because that's just not their thing.

Yes, many men want this, but that doesn't mean that is what is actually on offer.

You see, what the tradcon woman wants is the deal women had 100 years ago, or at least, the parts that are good for her. So she tells you, "marry me, and I will be a good wife to you".

If this were true, great. But she wants you to take her word for it.

This ignores the single greatest and most fundamental piece of redpill writing ever. (There's also a study guide.)

If you haven't read and understood the Bitch Management Hierarchy already, please leave class and go report to the Tutoring Center for remedial class.

The rest of you know that the basic point is that trust is earned, not demanded. The reason that a woman must earn her way up the Bitch Management Hierarchy is that you only find out what she is really like by observing her behaviour over time.

Anyone can say anything, only actions tell the truth.

The tradcon woman who says "Marry/commit to me before sex" is attempting to buy her way to the top of the Hierarchy with nothing more than a promise. And anyone can say anything.

We refer to this phenomenon as Ladder Jumping.

Only two things can make a woman worthy of any trust at all:

  1. She knows that breaking that trust will result in immediate, dire, and unavoidable punishment.
  2. She has been observed, over a long period of time, to value her investment in the person extending that trust.

Why did this work 100 years ago? Because wedding vows were enforced. A woman knew that breaking her promise would result in ostracism, social death, and poverty. Case 1.

But case 1 is dead now. Society will not enforce wedding vows. Instead, it reward her for breaking them with cash and prizes. Your money, your house, your kids, attention, love, sympathy, etc.

So we move to case number 2. The Bitch Management Hierarchy. We make women earn that trust. And this is the deal that the tradcon woman attempts to decline. Her doctrine tells her to avoid sex before commitment with you, to avoid risking her N-count. But where does this risk go?

The risk is shifted to you. Instead of her having to be "all-in", and betting that she can inspire you to want commitment, you assume the risk by committing to her before having any idea how she will handle that trust. How does that deal sound to you? You want that deal?

Ya wanna throw everything you've learned out the window because some bitch pinkie-swears she's a unicorn? Didn't think so. If she's a unicorn, she can prove it just like everyone else, and not need to cut to the front of the line.

If she says she's "saving it for marriage", or "only has sex in a relationship", laugh it off, treat it as ASD, and escalate the same way.

Women are women, no matter what values they give lip service to.

Ignore what women say, watch what they do.


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