Everyone like to look at AWALT from the HB perspective however today I saw it on the other end.


We can't talk about AWALT in terms of only the HB's. The low end is identical. I'm out playing board games at this board game group thing. Honest cause I like playing and playing different types of games with different strategies and victory conditions keeps the mind sharp. There is like 60 people there. Maybe 2 worth a 7 but I'm not here to pick up.

I just bought some new threads and while I'm not looking for anything from this except the pure enjoyment of the game this 3 comes up and starts small talking about the game I'm playing. Then drops a my boyfriend and I play this all the time. I just want to know what the score end up like. Now I'm teaching this game to 3 newbies and I'm crushing them. You can see this from across the room at a casual glance. So I small talk back no interest at all really in her not that I have any. She starts a placing her hand on the shoulder and rubbing up the edge of my chair.

Her BF is literally 2 tables over. I give her no attention. We finish them game and she leaves before the scoring as her BF is her ride and they are going.

Lessons Learned

Lesson 1: All women even 3's are they same.

Lesson 2: Beta Billy has no frame and is only out was deserting her

Conclusion: AWALT even 3's that I wouldn't fuck with Billy Bux dick. We have literally never spoken before.