My female cousine has a lot of suitors groveling for her hand in marriage, but her hypergamous nature is stopping her from accepting the logical choice, which is in turn making her sad.
This example shows how women's nature can manifest itself in other environments than the western ones usually talked about in this sub.


I have been lurking for few months and this is my first post. I have been internalising the theory and trying to find the real life examples to support it. This one example was very powerful for me in the moment and therefore i thought to share.

I'm from a middle eastern country that is slowly being westernized. The current marriage-aged generation feels this especially as western ideas clash with traditional ways of going about getting married and having a family.
The girls in my family either have been well educated or in the process of being so. This means that the girls have the means of living independantly but traditional upbringing makes them want the traditional family life.
Long story short, the girls (women by now, I guess) are having a very difficult time finding worthy men to marry them.

For the body of my story, please bear in mind that our culture is built upon arranged marriages, where the community (parents, traditionally, but increasingly social media and friends) finds suitable partners for the young adults, the pair is then "promised" for months or years (this is like a dating phase where the marriage can still be declined by either party) after which they will get engaged and married.
Sex (and acts of affection in public) should not occur before the actuall marriage. Divorce is frowned upon.


Last night I had dinner at my aunt's house where my oldest cousin (female, will be 30 by the end of the year) was present.We will call her Sandy.
She was talking with my aunt about finding a man. The root of the problem lies with Sandy being the oldest girl in the family and not being married.
Sandy is (in my biased opinion) an extremely small (~155 cm,5'1) HB7. If she lost a few kg she would be HB8.
I sat besides Sandy and couldn't resist listening in on (and eventually joining) the conversation (A: aunt, S: Sandy, M: me):

A: How come you don't have any suitors?

S: I do, but none that I liked.

A: Really? Who?

S: I've had 3 in the last month but i have cut it off with all of them.

A: Why?! Who are they?

S: I don't know. The last one was (Insert name, family, and place of residence that i cannot remember) who is a barber. He has a lot of money, could buy a Mercedes if he wanted, really nice, and polite. But we've stopped contacting.

A: Why? he sound good.

S: But i don't want him, i don't know why.

At this point she has said "I don't know" enough times to really catch my interrest.

M: How did you communicate?

S: We texted and used Facebook.

M: Have you met him face to face?

S: Yes, he has taken me to (the nearest big city) a few times.

M: And you didn't like him?

S: He is nice and all, but i don't want him.

M: Why?

S: I don't know (Sad face)

The conversation continued and the following information was revealed:

  • Through her girl friends and social circle she is constantly approached by new guys that get interrested in her after either seeing her or pictures of her.
  • It seems she has an endless supply of men that want to marry her, but for some reason she does not want any one of them.
  • I asked her if she approaches anyone herself, and she said "No, they all come to me". Bingo. Diagnosis made.

All the men come grovelling at her feet (The last one started texting her every day at 6 am) and she needs to find one good enough to marry.
She is so comfortable in life (our family is well put and she is educated with a job) that even big providers are of no interest when she must pick a life partner (no divorce is accepted).
Sadly, none of the chumps at her feet show any backbone or Alpha traits, which means she does not get tingles from them, and therefore no connection.
Lastly, and most importantly: She does not realise any of this conciously. She, for the life of her, cannot fathom why she does not like any of these logically good matches.

Lessons Learned:

-AWALT. Hypergammy is unciously causing Sandy to ignore all beta providers and want Alphas, sadly no Alphas come groveling at her feet, and since she has no girl game, she cannot find them herself.

-Women (generally) do not know their own nature. In Sandy's situation it is causing her sadness because she cannot understand her lack of feelz.

-Feelz before Realz: Even though a woman sees that logically a man may be good for her, if her Feelz say "no!", then "no!" is the final answer.

-Briffault's Law: My Feelz tell me that Briffault's Law is in here somewhere, but I cannot for the Realz of me figure out where.

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