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Be confrontational

June 6, 2014

It's been my experience that a lot of fledgling TRP'ers have trouble with expressing themselves in a manner that satisfies their desires, particularly when it comes to confrontation. Often in potentially confrontational situations they will do whatever they can to de-escalate the situation because it puts them into social distress. Consider how this behaviour looks to an outsider observer. Weak, afraid, nervous. A strong individual clearly establishes when a line has been crossed, and does not hesitate to demonstrate it.

The way Tom Cruise handles being pranked demonstrates this well.

I'll give an example of a situation where I dealt with something similar. I was at the gym doing pulley side-laterals. Had my music going. A fitness instructor with her protege comes along and tries talking to me, can't make out what she's saying because of my music. When I turn it off to see what she's about, she rolls her eyes and says something to the effect of "Wow, I only had to ask four times". I know how a lot of weaker men would have reacted. "Oh, sorry". Or sheepishly smiled/laughed. Being put on the spot brings out a lot of stress in unconfident men.

What I did instead was look her in the eye and say "I clearly have ear buds on. Do you think that's an appropriate way to talk to someone who pays to be here?" She was caught completely off guard. She started mumbling about how she's just trying to expedite her client's workout, which I cut off half-way. I asked her again "Do you think that was an appropriate way to behave?" while making direct eye contact. She tells me she's sorry, and let's me go back to my workout.

Some half-hour later she comes by after her client is gone and she apologizes to me profusely, saying that what she did was out of character (doubtful) and that it was completely inappropriate. I accept her apology.

What blue-pill men often do is de-escalate and then kick themselves afterwards for not being so assertive. They rage internally that others had the audacity to infringe on them. The blame is on them however, people can only ever do to you what you allow them to.

If someone does something that violates one of your personal boundaries, do not hesitate to confront them and set them right. This includes friends, girlfriends and family. The only respect you get in life is that which you can command.

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